5 Ways To Stay Calm During Labor Pains

5 Ways To Stay Calm During Labor Pains

Labor is one term which is really dreaded by all the moms-to-be. We have several questions in  our mind. How will the pain be? Will I be able to bear it? Normal or C-section? How long will the labour last? It is true that we cannot get answers to all these questions beforehand but we can all use some tips to stay calm during those anxious moments.

1. PRAY - A very powerful weapon to keep your mind calm and deviated at the same moment. It helps you to focus on the positive energy in your life. I prayed all through my labor to give me the strength to bring my baby into the world happy and gay. I felt as if it gave me immense sense of purpose.

2. WALK - When my labor started, my gynaecologist asked m etc take  walk around the hospital corridor. My husband held my hand and we walked and talked. The whole exercise took my mind off the contractions. We also got an opportunity to talk about how we want the delivery to be.

3. LAUGH - Ask your family to come prepared with some funny incidents and jokes. Laughing does helps you to destress and rejuvenate.Watch some ‘Friends’ or any other comedy episodes on your tab or phone.

4. EXERCISE BALL - If your doctor permits then it is the greatest way to deviate your mind off the labor pains. Open your legs, sit down on the ball and bounce! While it is a great distraction, it also helps the baby head to come down.

5. TAKE A SHOWER- Water gives immense relief and it also helps to progress your labour. Take a warm shower as you feel contractions and it really speeds up the process

Lastly, think about the miracle that you are about to make. Enjoy the last few moments before you have your child in your arms. All the best!


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