Meet Devaki, She Makes Bookworms Out Of Kids!

My Mom Quotient:


I became a mom in March 2010. 8 years and 2 kids later, I am still figuring out this gig called parenting. I don’t overthink motherhood.



I love my kids dearly, yet motherhood doesn’t define me. I enjoy what I do and actively work at making time for my third baby, Little Readers’ Nook. The beauty of my work is that my kids benefit from it. We have a HUGE collection of books at home and seeing me reading all the time, my son has picked up the reading bug. Hopefully, my baby girl will follow suit soon.


My Mom Inc. Story:

We lived in New York when my son was born. I loved the access to quality children’s literature, something we dearly missed when we moved back home to Mumbai. Moreover, I was alarmed to see my son’s generation prefer gadgets over books.


As a book lover, I firmly believe in the magical power of good books and stories, so I began reading to kids around me, bringing stories alive through discussions, art, games and drama. The little ones were not just hooked, the leap in their thought process amazed us all. As word spread, other mothers expressed a desire to weave the same magic in their own community.



We have grown beyond our wildest dreams since then, challenging over 10000 kids to read, think, connect and express in over 25 cities across India and beyond.




Little Readers’ Nook channels the awesome power of world class children’s literature to build the 3 essential Cs of the 21st century - creative thinking, communication and collaboration.


Weekly sessions offered around the year at over 75 nooks across India and overseas:

  • challenge young minds with probing questions around world class literature
  • get creative juices flowing with art, drama and stories from our collective imagination


Our 3-tiered program includes parent-child story times for ages 2-3, early literacy play times for ages 4-7 and communication workshops for ages 8-10.


Our Little Readers don’t just read or listen to stories, they connect with books, are inspired to think beyond the book and work together to express their ideas freely.


With sustained engagement, empathetic readers, creative thinkers and expressive tellers emerge from our programs.


Who Inspired Me The Most:



Even today, each and every book and activity used in our sessions is first tested on him.


Advice For Mompreneurs:




I Love BabyChakra Because....




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puja khemka

Sounds like so much fun.

Vishakha Vasani

Truly interesting way to get children towards books

neha singhal

Nice idea. . He can I connect to this?

Prachi Gaikwad

Cool.. Very interesting

Krutika Gor



This is exactly what I was looking for. thanks kritz fpr the tag


Gud job.; ...I am on d same track

Priyanka Tungare

Absolutely love the concept....does the lrn only cover English books or are there any local language book suggestions as well.Do you have any suggestions of picture books for Infants?

Nimmi rathore

So nice.... Love it

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