The Story Of The Birth Of My Baby Girl!

Hello Mommies,


It took really long for me to share my birth story as it was most scary yet memorable day of my life.


From the very first day since I was pregnant, I was very scared and never wanted to go for normal delivery, but I know it was wrong because the natural way is the best way.


On 23rd March 2018, it was a regular checkup appointment and suddenly doctor said my labour has started but I didn't feel any pain or anything else. I didn’t have any idea what was going on and then around 10 a.m she started injections for labour pain because the baby's head was not engaged.


My husband Abhishek, my mother and my mother-in-law were there with me and after an hour almost, my contractions started. Then she shifted me to a labour room. In the labour room, my family members were not allowed, only a few nurses and the doctor and as the time was passing, the intensity of pain was increasing. I requested her to go for C-Section but she refused and it was getting unbearable for me. They didn't allow me to eat anything, for the whole day I was only on the water.


Around 4 o’clock,  my physiotherapist came to meet me. She was very supportive during my journey of pregnancy. She asked the doctor about my dilation and it was only 3-4 cm. I got some support after meeting her. Every half an hour, the  doctor was checking me.


At 7: pm, I called my husband to ask the doctor for C-section but the doctor told me to just wait for a half an hour more. After an hour,  she asked me to push hard for the last time so she can grab baby with the suction pump and finally at 8:16 p,m, "AADHYA" my little girl, arrived in this world.


It was a moment when I felt all pain was worth because we always wanted a girl I requested the nurse to give her first to my husband He has waited so long for that moment. After him, I took my girl in my hand and it was a great feeling which I cannot explain in words.


I hope you enjoyed reading my birth story. Please share your birth stories with me. I would love to hear them.


See you soon with another story of my life. Stay tuned, and spread positive vibes.


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Comments (16)

Parul Johari

Bhargavi Goswami lucky you lady!! Only 4 hrs labor u had.
Ur baby is now 1 month naa??

Parul Johari

Nilofer shaikh

Bhargavi Goswami

Parul johari
No I was in labour for 9 hours and my daughter is one year old now

Parul Johari

Actually u have wrote march 2018 thats y i thought and ur profile shows 1 yr; old baby.

Parul Johari

Btw very nice post,, as im nearing to the delivery i love to read experiences. Thanks for sharing

Bhargavi Goswami

Thank you and I will also love to hear your experiences 😃

Bhargavi Goswami

Sorry it's typed by mistake actually it's; 2017

Nilofer Shaikh

So sweet!
I wish and hope every mother shares her delivery story.; It makes so much of a difference in our lives.
Aadhya is beautiful. God bless her.
Thanks a tonne love Parul Johari; for tagging me always to useful stuff.

Bhargavi Goswami

Nilofer shaikh thank you


This is so well written.


This is so well written.


This is so well written.


So beautiful Ur story and Ur daughter. 😍 God bless u

Nimmi rathore

So well written... I loved ur story...

Megha saxena

This is so well written.

Naiyya Saggi

Such a beautiful journey. Also had a beautiful baby girl so relate to this article.

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