My Mom My Lifeline!

My Mom My Lifeline!

Oh! Mother how much you care, by my side always  there;

Your heart beats for me, wherever I may be;

Ma! I call when in pain; your presence relieves same;

You taught me to step out, with utmost courage and proud;

Unspoken words you understand, and prepare me to withstand;

I wish to be like you, you are my life and my world.

The above lines are straight from my heart for my mother who is my world, and it also essays  how a mother’s life is always centered towards child.  We know how mother showers all love on her child. In this post we shall see that how a mother is a child’s Center of attraction.


Keith L Brooks beautifully quoted “A little girl, asked where her home was, replied, 'Where mother is.'  


Usually, a child observes his/her mother very keenly and learns a lot of things like good values, respect, sharing and even language too, on a lighter note maybe that’s why we call it as’ mother tongue’. Child shows utmost love and cares to mother and calls her with many beautiful and loving names such as “Mamma, Ma, Amma, Mom, Mommy, Ammi, Aai.  Whatever is the calling name the emotion and love hidden in it is same. For a child, mother is center of life & world and the rest of things revolve around her. It is very well quoted that “Mother, the ribbons of your love are woven around my heart“.

The emotion between mother & child is so strong and is nurtured right from the time when child feels its first senses. Even a toddler, who is just gaining knowledge day by day, feels reassured to see mother around when restless. Her presence boosts our confidence and we feel protected, and motivated under her guidance. Right from birth child knows how to express to mother and amazingly mother too understands the variations in cry. Kid’s love towards mother is blind and has complete faith. If mother shows complete commitment in raising the child, even you see a complete submissive nature of child towards mother.


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