My Mom My Lifeline!

My Mom My Lifeline!

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Oh! Mother how much you care, by my side always there;
Your heart beats for me, wherever I may be;
Ma! I call when in pain; your presence relieves same;
You taught me to step out, with utmost courage and pride;
Unspoken words you understand and prepare me to withstand;
I wish to be like you, you are my life and my world.

The above lines are straight from my heart for my mother, who is my world. In this post, we shall see how a mother is a child’s Center of attraction, why mothers are essential, and the value of a mother. Usually, a child observes their mother very keenly and learns a lot of things like good values, respect, sharing and even language too, on a lighter note maybe that’s why we call it ‘mother tongue’. The child shows utmost love and care to their mother and calls her with many beautiful and loving names such as “Mamma, Ma, Amma, Mom, Mommy, Ammi, Aai. My mother is my world and is the centre of life, and the rest of the things revolve around her.

Why Mothers Are Important

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We’ve compiled a list of the top reasons why a mother is so important to a child.

A Mother’s Love Is Unfailing

We realise the meaning of unconditional love. When we see a mother’s eyes for her child, we get to understand the value of a mother. Though we’ve all become masters of language and can accurately communicate our feelings, conveying a mother’s love in words remains a challenge. In any stage of life or circumstance, mothers have this powerful characteristic of loving their children. My mother is my world!

Mothers Are The Primary Educators

The learning process for a child begins at birth or even sooner. Every newborn learns to understand the value of mothers and call his or her mother first, regardless of language, caste, or custom. The first words out of the baby’s mouth are “mother, ma, amma.” A mother instilled in her child everything she knows, from talking to walking to living a happy life. A mother teaches her children everything she knows, from the moment she wakes up to the moment she falls asleep. The mother goes through the process of relearning in order to assist her child in gaining more knowledge.

Mother Instils Hope

This world would sound fairly bleak if it weren’t for mothers. It is true that life is full of a variety of experiences, some of which are not so pleasant. A child is confronted with these scenarios from the beginning, but it is the value of mother, love, care, and comfort that ensures that in the end, good always triumphs. A child can always see the light at the end of the tunnel through her eyes and confidence. Children always seek guidance and support from their mothers first, whether they are confronting exams, contests, or life’s challenges.

Mothers Are Intimately Acquainted With Their Children

A mother’s child is an open book to her. She knows her child better than anyone else. Mother is aware of everything the child is feeling, and nothing is hidden from her. She is the best judge of her child’s personality, and she ensures that the child is appropriately handled and disciplined and knows the value of mother. She adjusts to new changes for the betterment and general development of her child, knowing her child’s interests and requirements. Enrolling the child in activities such as swimming, dancing, sketching, switching schools, and modifying the child’s learning rhythm, to mention a few.

The emotion between mother and child is so strong and is nurtured right from the time when a child feels its first senses. Her presence boosts a child’s confidence, and without any doubt, we feel protected and motivated under her guidance. The value of a mother is eternal. Right from birth, the child knows how to express to the mother, and amazingly the mother understands the variations in cry. The kid’s love towards their mother is blind, and they have complete faith. If the mother shows complete commitment in raising the child, even you see a complete submissive nature of the child towards the mother.

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