What Actually Happens During Summer Vacations....

What Actually Happens During Summer Vacations....

Parenting is a fun thing to do, especially when there are enough breaks between the time you spend with your child. Don’t get me wrong! (if you do, you are probably a mother to an infant right now) but when the kids get older and are on the go all day, school time is valued in gold! You are able to get your chores done, you get a little bit of me time and you can even make a short trip to the market to get your stuff done! But all that just tumbles down like a house of cards during vacations.

So here are some face-to-face realities of what happens when your school going kids have a vacation! In my characteristic humour, I bring to you the things that actually happen when your kids have a vacation.


1. Games, games and sigh, more games

Of course, the first thing is always lots and lots of activities and fun!! Yayy!! (But sadly, this will only last a day or two. What about the rest of the entire month?)

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2. A LOT and I mean a LOT of cleaning

Where there’s enthusiasm and children, you can’t help but turn into a cleaning freak. There’s just no end to how messed up the home looks. By the time you finish up one side of the house, the other one looks like a dustbin! But yeah, we are still counting days!

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3. You just can’t find anything in its place anymore!

Everything goes wrong and all you can see is clutter and food debris. It is pretty much impossible to find anything at all in your house during these days.


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4. There’s a sudden surge in consumption of headache and migraine medicines

Yeah, God knows who eats so many headache meds!


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5. Time just flies by….

You just don’t get to know where the whole day went. You will barely be able to finish your chores and your cooking. The time when you think it’s just noon, it will already be 5 in the evening!


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6. The rule book is nowhere to be found

Remember that little book of rules which neatly divided the day into small parts explaining how much time to be spent doing what - play, screen time, writing etc? You are most likely to lose that book during vacations. So screen time, automatically doubles itself for some reason! Come now, you’d take that instead of giving up your sanity.


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7. The maid makes sure she takes an extra 5 days off, hoping you are there to deal with it all

The maid makes sure she takes a good long vacation while she’s seen that you are riding a roller coaster anyway. And you are left with that Kuch Kuch Hota Hai dialogue --- “tussi jaa rahe ho??” hoping she’d really fall for that!


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8. The TV remote is a luxury

When vacations are on, remote control is actually a luxury. The kids will probably let go of the remote only in their sleep. But when the Man comes back from work, he takes it away with a ‘what were you doing all day? You should have watched your shows during the day. This is my time’! (Yeah, everyone has Me time issues)


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9. You keep praying for the extra set of hands to grow up any time soon

God owes you that much, doesn’t he? Well, honestly, he can take those back after the vacations are over, but for now, we definitely need it! Multitasking with just a set of two is just not isn’t fair!


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Vacations were a thrill, until we became parents! Now it is a roller coaster ride where the contrast between loving our children and not being able to take the pressure come in alternating turns. But more or less, we all manage!

How is your vacation going? Do share with me in the comments section below!


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