Meet The Ovenderful Mom-Simran!

Meet The Ovenderful Mom-Simran!

9 Mar 2015 | 5 min Read

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Efficient, balanced and passionate, Simran Multani is a mommy with a focussed parenting style and an entrepreneur with creative and thoughtful approach towards her passion and work. Like every other mother she too has worries and subconscious fears but here is how she turns the ball around to ensure her son gets the freedom he deserves along with all the happy moments. Read her stimulating story here…


1. My Mom Quotient :

I think I discovered this when we adopted our first motherless Indian dog who was 25 days. She prepared me for the way things were going to be with a new baby in terms of the chaos, the frustrations of being unable to understand what the baby actually wants but cannot explain and a lot of happiness enclosed in very small moments. I am the kind of mother who tries really hard to balance her worries against her desire to make her son an independent individual as he grows older. I value the various roles that I play in my life and while being a mother is the most fulfilling experience, I don’t want that to solely define my identity and that reflects in my parenting style.


I have learnt that the more one tries to hold on, the more the child wants to let go and explore the world even if he or she seems hesitant initially. It’s a very difficult decision to take, but that’s the approach I try to use in many ways since I want to ensure that I don’t suppress my child’s natural curiosity due to my own subconscious fears. One more critical thing is that I try to emphasize on helping him become compassionate as against competent as he grows older and discovers the world around.



2. My Mom Inc. Story:

Ovenderful started as a baking blog just so that I could chronicle my experiences and recipes. I started out with running voluntary baking classes for 12 girls in Search Years, an NGO in Gurgaon for vocational training purposes. In addition to that I have spent and still spend a significant time baking to raise funds for NGOs that work in the space of animal welfare and care. However, in November 2013, as my son was turning a year old, I went through the phase that several women go through – the most beautiful moment of my life was when I became a mother, but I wanted that to be part of my overall identity and an extension of the person I already was. I am an HR professional by experience and education, with over a decade of consulting experience. But even that didn’t seem to drive my enthusiasm in a way that baking did. In addition to that the fact that friends and family believed that what I was baking was worth being paid for helped me take the plunge to.


My self-belief and an external support system helped me scale this up into a commercial venture and start focusing on its growth. It has only been a year since I turned this into a business entity, but I have a widely diverse & flexible baked to order menu with over 75 bakes which are classic and healthy tea time accompaniments. Within that also there are customized variants such as alternative flour / ethnic grain bakes, egg less, nut-free, butter-less and kid-friendly.


There have been several press mentions which are shared below in the past 2-3 months specifically– I was also recently selected to present my business plan at the SHEROES Summit, for women entrepreneurs in India. There are 2-3 more press mentions which are in the pipeline and should be published soon.


3. Who inspired/ supported me:

More than inspiration, it was the support of my family members and close friends that has enabled me to work towards setting up Ovenderful. There have also been innumerable people who through their kind words of praise, understanding attitude towards the challenges of a new venture and trust in terms of placing critical orders with a nascent home bakery, have provided the foundation for growth.


4. Advice/tips:

Having a passion linked to your soul is critical, but to make a venture out of that the passion has to link to your mind as well. Find that niche, stay away from the common path and be very good at it. Women often times do not network consciously – I believe that it’s a very important business tool to network intelligently.


Personally, I think the biggest challenge is to be able to compartmentalize our minds as we, women play so many roles particularly when running a business venture. Also take out time for yourself always – whether it is to read, sleep, pursue a hobby, watch TV..whatever it is you enjoy doing.


5. I love BabyChakra because …It provides a combination of information, advice and guidance to mothers with children across various age groups. It also provides a much needed platform to showcase mothers who have tied their passion with their business insight to create valuable products and services.

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