Chennai School's Homework For Parents Goes Viral, But Will It Be Effective?

Holiday homework for us meant hurriedly completing essays or finishing sums half-heartedly so that we could enjoy the rest of the vacations. Now when we look back, we hardly ever remember our homework, but remember our vacation time fondly.


A particular school in Chennai had a unique holiday assignment, but surprisingly, the assignment was for the parents and not the kids. The list emphasises on the importance of going beyond academics and is pretty impressive.


To begin with, the school urges the parents to eat at least two meals with their kids as a family and requests them to teach kids the importance of food. Building a rapport with the neighbours, gardening, learning dignity of labour and loving animals are some of the things the list expects parents to do.


The school has asked the parents to send pictures of the activities to school once completed and make a photo album of it.


Now, the school’s intention behind assigning the homework is noble, as the principal feels that we are losing our kids to the rat race and not inculcating the right values in them. So this list she says, was sent as a “refreshing break from the mundane.” Super, but we have a few questions...


Let’s be honest, almost every parent out there is competitive, and tries hard to make sure their child excels. So won’t they view this assignment competitively as well? We wouldn’t be surprised if we find parents saying, “Oh, the school says learn two folk songs? You must learn three!”


We really appreciate that the school urges parents to keep kids away from gadgets and do these instead, but whatever happened to ‘getting bored’? Why must kids always be doing something constructive? Why can’t they give wings to creativity that stems from boredom?


Will this continue even after the school resumes? Or will the parents get back to the routine and forget these values?

What we really hope to see is schools who don’t emphasize on grades and teach values instead of unhealthy competitiveness for a child’s entire tenure. What we wish for is teachers who are trained to recognise a child’s strengths and know how to develop it. What we hope is that all parents naturally spend time with their children, continue to help them grow plants, make friends and have fun.


This should not have been holiday homework but the school’s curriculum, right?


Disclaimer: Information has been sourced from thebetterindia


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