Book Review: That’s When I’m Happy By Beth Shoshan

Book Review: That’s When I’m Happy By Beth Shoshan

26 Apr 2018 | 2 min Read

Neha Khanna (PearlBuds)

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I was searching for a book which depicted the father son relationship enjoying  some of the simple yet beautiful moments of everyday life. I wanted my husband to have this one special book to read to our son which depicted this emotion and also include us three as a family. My search ended with this book !!


This also reminded me of the famous “Sound Of Music” classic number- “I simply remember my favorite things and then I don’t feel sooo bad..” Aaaahh, Nostalgia!


This book tells of things a little bear enjoys doing with his parents. The  activities are simple and sweet with lovely autumn inspired illustrations.


Little Bear doesn’t like to be unhappy. In fact he is happy most of the time. But when he feels blue, these are the things he likes to do to get rid of that “down” feeling.


He enjoys playing soccer in the leaves with his Daddy, looking at all the stars in the sky, his Mother reads his favorite bedtime story to him, and when it is dark outside and he cuddles with his parents in their bed.


Such simple yet beautiful moments, we generally share with our little buds!


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