How Do You Dress To Work?

How Do You Dress To Work?

Exploration of work fashion between 3 cities in India


When we talk about fashion in a city, we immediately remember an outfit that we wore while visiting the place or the type of day we spent or the weather we had to deal with! Fashion can be related to all aspects of a place, its culture, it’s expectations and the people. Your choice of outfit largely depends on others you interact with, the trend in the city or the field you’re working in.


The working woman of today is influenced by the culture she sees in her office, her colleagues, her clients etc.  Every city in our country, has a different industry that dominates it and hence a different work culture. Ombre Lane took a look at some of the major metros to decode the way women style for work:





Being the capital of our country, Delhi has several historic cultural influences pertaining to the various manufacturing and real estate industries it accommodates. Many women working in these industries require an attire that would not only be apt for an office but also for a rendezvous with friends or colleagues after work. Delhi’s culture has a slight inclination towards everyone’s persona, with which comes the requirement to be in sync with clients and acquaintances whether in terms of fashion or technology.


Inclusive of prints and textures, the women of Delhi accessorize their garments that showcase their femininity while maintaining their work look. The women in this city seem to prefer colours, silhouettes and outfits that are clearly influenced by western culture. Combining the two cultures, they have created their own definition of femininity and professionalism.




Ombré Lane Off-White Cotton Lace Dress


Mumbai, the country’s finance hub is well known for its accepting nature, whether in terms of people, culture or work. Clothing is another major fashion influencer, credits to the Indian film industry. Inspired from this, the working women of this city are avid followers of fashion and love to incorporate the latest trends in their attire. However, due to the formal workwear culture, it’s a challenge for the modern woman to display her sense of fashion.


Workwear for women in this city is subtle with minimal dressing, which doesn’t necessarily mean its masculine. These women constantly redefine workwear, by incorporating delicate silhouettes into their outfit, like ruffles, bow ties and piping etc. as per the latest trends. Not only do they complement their formals but also showcase their elegance with an insight into their personalities.




Bangalore has been known for its growing IT and R&D industry and continues to remain the Silicon Valley of India. Being a part of the Silicon Valley, it also brings forth the culture of casual clothing like T-shirts, denims etc. that is not as evident in other cities.


A noticeable change is now visible among these casual trends, as women start to incorporate subtle detailings into their casual attires. Building their own pathway, women now include prints, lace and linen fabrics into their workwear and create a look that is their own reflection. Keeping in mind this cultural shift, these silhouettes define the women creating an impact in the world of technology.


Different cities and varying industries have inspired the Indian woman to find what clothing option works best for her. Balancing her workplace norms, women are defining their steps to create their own fashion quotient. With the growing number of working women and their multifaceted lifestyle, it’s important that their clothes are as versatile as their personality!


All images used in the article are original Ombre Lane creations.


About Ombré Lane:

Ombré Lane is a workwear brand for today’s working woman. We cater to the multifaceted lifestyle of the modern women by offering a versatile, comfy, and sharp work wardrobe using premium quality fabrics that they could carry from the meeting room to social engagements. Our clothes offer superior fit with distinctive feminine silhouettes and functional features made for the Indian woman.


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