10 New Years Resolutions For Moms To Live By

We all want to sleep more, live well, sleep more, diet, exercise, juggle, levitate, etc. But with a baby, at any age or stage, the only thing we can do is take baby steps forward.

My personal resolution is to get my body back, slow and steady, but I have an almost 1 year old so it's easier for me to say now than it was 11 months ago when I was nursing around the clock. Now getting my body back doesn't mean I will die in the gym (I will try, someday, when I have the time), but for now it includes weaning (for a look into the thoughts, hopes and fears on this click here)... However, there are many other things that I could have should have or should do, and here are some of them, to help you pick and stick to the resolutions that work for you:

(Note: These are to help you focus on you, and not on baby!)

1. Nurse as long as you are able (or till your baby, like mine, has enough teeth to cause you bodily harm), but quit while you are ahead. Your child will reach a point where the milk is no longer as necessary to them as it was, and its okay to let go.

2. Seriously, learn to nap when baby naps. The moms and old wise women who claim to have done this, have lived to tell. So, put the laundry (or facebook, instagram and pinterest) away, and try and get a little rest, you deserve it.

3. Prioritize yourself every day, even if it means 2 minutes where you can change your nail paint or just put your feet up.

4. Tell your husband (or partner, or even mother) how you are feeling so that they can pitch-in in a way that is actually helpful to you.

5. Plan more (or any) date nights without baby (because a date constitutes 2 people are 2 people only).

6. Try and remember that you look the way you do because a child came out of you! And then cut yourself some slack. (This is easier said than done but try, I keep reminding myself I am not the only new mom around with a deflated balloon like belly, and it only sometimes helps me feel better).

7. For the moms like me, who work and are suffer from mom guilt, remember that you may drive your baby (and self, and parents, and spouse) nuts if you sat at home. But on a more serious note, try and do an activity with your child every day, even if it's something small and simple like going for a walk while pointing out what they are looking at, or crawling behind them around the house to get a look at things from their perspective. It will help you sleep better when you can.

8. Breathe, you grew an egg into a human being, you are capable of raising it (more likely a him/her than an it) to be a sane human being, without being a paranoid mum who panics about every hangnail (teeth on the other hand are more serious and merit some panic when they take away your sleep).

9. Remember that just because baby is not sleeping in your bed or room, doesn't make you any less of a mom. If he or she is in your bed or room, it doesn't make you any better or worse of a mom either (though it will make you a little more sleepless in the long run).

10. Set a time to let out steam, without that little body attached to you. Maybe you don't need it, but more than likely you do. So ask your husband to pitch in and go for pizza with the girls or better still get a glass (or more) of ____ (insert liquor of your choice here) __!

If you read this far, you have realized that these are all resolutions to help you, not your baby! So if nothing else, resolve to spend more time on you this year, because with all the giving and giving, it may be time to take some back, even if it's a few minutes of quiet.

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