Say Bye To Prickly Heat Rashes With Himalaya BabyCare!

Say Bye To Prickly Heat Rashes With Himalaya BabyCare!

30 Apr 2018 | 4 min Read

Aditi Ahuja

Author | 72 Articles

It’s summertime once again and this year it seems to be harsher than the last one! The mercury is on the rise and afternoons are the worst, when even roads are deserted. Keeping the babies and oneself hydrated and protected from this scorching heat becomes very important during this time.


As a stay at home mother, during summertime, I prefer going out of home for running errands only in the evenings. I also restrict my child’s time outside the home in the afternoons. It is only in the late evenings that she is allowed to go out. Mornings are pretty comfortable and cool. But summer activity classes which may or may not be during the cooler times are a problem. At such times when my daughter returns home, she is not only exhausted but also drenched in sweat.


Last year was similar. I usually ensure that my daughter is well protected – with scarves and sunglasses if required. She attended a drawing activity class for one week in this weather we went through a bad phase. She came back home one day, tears rolling down her eyes and a red and scratchy back.


When I checked, I was surprised and even shocked to see that her skin was red because of all the itching and scratching. She was in lot of pain and discomfort. It was surprising for me as I always made her wear comfortable cotton dresses in summer, bathed her everyday before going to school, used coconut oil occasionally and also applied the regular perfumed talcum powder that we all used in the family.  Despite all these measures, this had happened.


For instant relief, I just applied coconut oil on the scratches and left the portion open for sometime. But I knew we had to arrive at a permanent solution.


I consulted our family doctor and also researched personally and zeroed in on Himalaya Prickly Heat Baby Powder that contains Neem and Khus Grass as a possible solution to my problem. Our doctor told us that the reason for itchy skin and redness due to prickly heat lies in excessive sweating..


Due to sweat clogging in the baby’s skin, it results in roughness, dryness, redness and severe itching. He recommended the Himalaya Prickly Heat Baby Powder to prevent the onset of these conditions and to keep baby’s skin cool.


During my research too, I found that this powder has natural ingredients (hypoallergenic) like Natural Zinc (also known as Yashada Bhasma), Neem and Khus Grass which are known for their cooling and skin nourishing properties.  It has been dermatologically tested and even recommended by many paediatricians.


Khus Grass has astringent properties which reduces excessive sweating and has a cooling and refreshing effect on skin. Neem is a natural antiseptic which prevents itching and skin infections and Natural Zinc has antiseptic properties which heals wounds created by scratching of the skin as in my daughter’s case.



I was now sure that this product was the perfect solution to my daughter’s problem!


I bought this powder, first a small pack, and started using it. It had a very mild pleasant smell and a coarse texture which I got to know was intentional so that it doesn’t clogs skin pores.



Just an overnight application itself gave my kid lot of relief. Thereafter, everyday it was a part of her routine before and after her day out in the sun.


In no time, this Himalaya Prickly Heat Baby Powder became a family favourite and we all started using it. Now we had to buy a big pack!

I strongly recommend Himalaya Prickly Heat Powder as a mother as it is completely safe and gives good results!


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Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by: Himalaya


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