8 Healthy Summer Drink Recipes

It’s summer and everyone is looking for some healthy and cool summer drinks.I am sharing some natural homemade drinks, which are very easy to make:

1. Raw mango juice:

It is the best choice in summer and gives you instant energy! This drink is full of Vitamin C.


  • Peel raw mango and .cut into small pieces.
  • Boil it till mango turns soft.
  • Add Rock salt, mint leaves & sugar..
  • Pour it in a mixer & grind well.
  • It’s ready! Serve with ice cubes.


2. Shikanji:

It helps to remove dullness of skin in hot season..


  • Take water in a jug.
  • Add lemon juice, rock salt, jeera powder and sugar.
  • Mix well and strain.
  • Serve with ice.


3. Mango Mint Lassi:

It provides you super freshness and it’s healthy too.


  • In a mixer jar, take raw mango, mint leaves, sugar, lemon juice, curd & cardamom powder and grind well.
  • Pour in a glass and serve.

4. Mint Sharbat:( Juice)

It helps to keep away  dehydration and increases digestion.


  • In a mixer jar, take mint leaves, sugar, honey, rock salt , black pepper and jeera powder
  • Grind it by adding a little water.
  • Pour in a glass and serve with ice cubes. 

5. Rose Sharbat:

It helps from acidity and keeps the body cool.



  • In a kadai, take water and sugar and heat it to make syrup.
  • Now ,add rose water, fresh rose petals paste and cardamom powder. Mix well.
  • Keep this mixture in the refrigerator.
  • Whenever you want to make the drink, take this paste in a glass, add cool water  and mix well.
  • Serve with ice cubes. 

6. Jaljeera:

This is my favorite choice in summer and  easy to make..


  • Take water in a jug.
  • Add jeera powder, rock salt, amchur powder, sugar , lemon juice and mint leaves
  • Grind well and serve with ice. 

7. Aloevera Juice:

This drink helps to keep skin soft, gives you instant energy and good for digestive system too.


  • Remove corner from aloevera leave and take out the gel.
  • In a mixer, take this gel, add lemon juice, salt and grind together.
  • Serve it in a glass with ice.


8. Musk melon Juice:

  • In a mixer, take musk melon with seeds, sugar, salt, lemon juice and grind well..
  • Strain it in a glass & serve with ice cubes.


You can also take buttermilk, coconut water, fresh fruit juice, lassi & sugar cane juice too to keep
Yourself hydrated!

Which is your favourite drink in this hot summer? Share with me your choices!!


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