T's Second Birthday

T's Second Birthday

We celebrated T's birthday on Saturday. It was something I was waiting for more impatiently than anyone. The whole theme was based on his favourite book, the way back home. It's a beautiful book about finding friends in the oddest places and flying into space! Conceptually T might be a little too young to grasp the depth of the book but he sure does love the characters ever so deeply. He has a current obsession for planes and Martians and I was eager to indulge him!

The group was small, the oldest one being all of 3 and I had set up activities which would engage the toddlers. There were floor colouring rolls, a busy board and a book reading by grandma. She was fantastic! At the end of the reading the babies were a little short of climbing onto her.



The carrot cake, which was conveniently called the 'space cake' had stars on it and intergalactic dust orbiting around it. The food was suitable for all age groups and was accompanied with T's favourite, strawberry iced tea.



The Menu:

1. Celery Yoghurt dip and Hummus with Lavaash

2. Spinach and Canapés

3. Mint Chutney Sandwiches

4. Mac and Cheese

5. Idli and Chutney

6. Carrot cake with Cream cheese frosting

7. Strawberry Iced Tea

Some of the food on the menu is covered in the blog, and some that isn't, I will make an entry on them soon.

A big thank you to all who have been following NomNomMum on the blog and the Videos, your response is what keeps the blog alive!


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