5 Hardest Things Every Mom Faces

5 Hardest Things Every Mom Faces

You think staying up all night is the hard part of mommying?? Think Again!!

Let's admit, mommying itself is so hard but still there are somethings that are  harder than others. You think staying up all night or managing a fussy eater is hard? Or do you think cleaning babies or running behind them is hard? Let me know tell you some of the most difficult parts of mommying that No moms actually shares and one gets to know only when they become Moms themselves:

1. Watching your baby fall sick- According to me, the hardest part is to watch your baby fall sick, suffer and you can’t really help it because that’s how they grow. Trust me, first 2 years are nightmare. You literally watch them fall sick almost every month.

2. Coping up with Mom Guilt- Blaming yourself for every damn thing that is happening to your little one. They fall sick because you were careless, they don’t eat because you don’t try hard. Amidst all the guilt that piles up every single day, it’s hard to find peace and move on.

3. Sacrificing everything for them- Knowingly or unknowingly we end up sacrificing a lot more than we'd ever imagine. The funny part is no one else in the World can compel us to put their happiness before our own.

4. Making the right decision for them- One of the hardest part is to make right decisions for them. From teaching them what is right and wrong to picking right school for them. One wrong pick by us can sabotage their future and may take them on wrong path.

5. Saying No to them- Guiding them about what is right and wrong is what we need to focus on most. A lot of times we have to say No, even if it’s just a silly demand so as to secure their future.

These are some of the hardest parts of mommying according to me. Do  you Moms agree? What can i further add to this list?


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