All You Need to Know About a Pregnancy Photoshoot!

All You Need to Know About a Pregnancy Photoshoot!

The most distinguishing feature of a happily pregnant woman is of course, her beautiful pregnant belly! It is a lovely idea to capture moments from your pregnancy in pictures. These pictures of yourself with a baby bump make for great memories later on. Little children delight in looking at pictures of 'When I was in Mamma's tummy!' Informal pictures are fine, but a pregnancy photo-shoot is a wonderful way of getting memorable pictures of you, and your family.

1. The right time:

The ideal time for a pregnancy photo-shoot is when you are around 30 weeks pregnant. You are now large enough for your belly to show up well in pictures, but you are not so far along, that you are too large and exhausted to look sufficiently sprightly!

2. Choose a good photographer:

Check around among your friends, and go for someone who comes recommended. Go for someone who's creative, and doesn't stick to the same, jaded pregnancy poses. Choose a photographer who is flexible in conducting the shoot at your home, or outside in natural light, as opposed to a studio.

3. Clothes and makeup:

Wear something comfortable to the photo-shoot. If possible, keep 3-4 outfits ready, so that there's some variety. Wear something tight and stretchy, so that the bump is visible. Solid, dark, plain colours are a good way to get the bump to show well. But choose whatever reflects your personality the best! Apply as much makeup as you want to,  and if the photographer suggests something to you, consider her / his advice - he'll know best!

4. Practice posing:

Try posing beforehand in front of the mirror, so that you'll know what poses make you look good, and so that you'll be comfortable in front of the camera. Some postures which show off your belly in the best light are profile shots, belly close-ups, sitting cross-legged, and yoga poses. If you are not game for different postures, practice standing or sitting with a straight back. A good posture makes you look good!

5. Eat and be rested:

Ensure that you get plenty of rest before the shoot, so that you're feeling fresh. Eat well, and keep some snacks and fluids with you, so that you can eat and drink in the middle the photo-shoot, and avoid getting tired.

6. Be relaxed and open:

Set the photo-shoot for a time when you are free, or have a break from work. Try not to be too conscious. If possible, talk to the photographer for a few minutes and get to know her / him before you start posing. Be relaxed and comfortable, and your photos will be natural.

7. Involve your home and family:

Choose a date when your children and partner can be around. Involving them in the photo-shoot will result in better, more memorable pictures!


If you are going to photograph pictures for a photo-shoot, here's a quick checklist for you!

1. Choose the setting well:

The pregnant lady's home is a great place to have a photo-shoot, since she will be relaxed and comfortable there, and the natural setting will bring out better pictures. Another great option is to shoot outdoors, in natural light. The rays of the sun will complement the glow on her face!

2. Choose the time right:

If you are going to shoot outdoors, choose the morning light, or a couple of hours before sunset - this time highlights the subject best. You can hardly go wrong shooting pictures during these times!

3. Talk to the pregnant lady:

Spend a few minutes getting the woman comfortable. Talk, make her laugh, and keep up the conversation throughout. Make small talk, or just tell her something funny about some other photo-shoots - and compliment her, saying she looks great, or that a particular photo has come out well. Make her relax and be comfortable. The pictures will come out more natural!

4. Work around insecurities:

Some women might be conscious about their body, or about posing in certain ways. Get to know what they want and don't want, and work around their insecurities. If you think there is a pose the woman ought to try, suggest it to her gently, and don't force her!

5. Avoid clutter in the background:

Wherever you shoot, ensure that the pregnant woman is the focus of the picture. Anything else in the frame will be distracting, and will take away from the effectiveness of the picture.

6. Angles:

Click profile pictures of the woman, which will portray her better. A full frontal picture is not very flattering to a pregnant woman. Clicking from higher angles is also a good idea - they make the subject look better.

7. Involve the family:

Get the other children and the partner into the picture. Involve them, talk to them, and get them to feel comfortable with each other. They make for better pictures!

8. Be different:

Unless the woman asks for it, avoid the jaded pictures that everybody has in photo-shoots - try different angles, be bold and creative!

Whether you're the pregnant woman or the photographer, put in a little forethought and planning for the photo-shoot - it can make for a really memorable photo album

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