Will Holding Your Baby Too Much Spoil Him?

Will Holding Your Baby Too Much Spoil Him?

9 May 2018 | 2 min Read

Muskan Pradhan

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Are you a strict kind of mom who lets your baby whine continuously if he is being  stubborn? Or are you over protective mom who can not hear your baby cry for a second?

New research 

says that babies who are cuddled often become more healthy, less depressed and more productive adults.When you reach out to a baby when he is crying he understands that he is being heard. This develops the feeling of independence in the child and makes him more confident. If the baby is left crying, he loses his confidence and is more prone to stress and depression.

Benefits of cuddling your baby

1. You can never spoil your baby if you pick them up every time they cry.  This shows your affection and love towards them and the baby knows, no matter what happens you’ll be there. Your child waits for this immediate reaction of yours and feels secure.

2. During the initial months, the best way to bond is to hold and soothe your baby. Those are the days when all of their systems are developing, and so to start it the right

way, the sooner they receive it, the better.

3. Cuddling and holding your baby develops them as confident individuals who is not confused or stressed. Whether you rock our baby or hold in your arms, anything that makes him close to you helps in building more kinder and empathetic individual.

4. For every small achievement, appreciate your baby that  boosts their confidence and trust in themselves. This also helps them in making choices on their own. These little encouragement count a lot in a growing baby’s brain development.

5. Cuddles can never be enough and they are priceless.

So moms, don’t wait and kiss and cuddle your baby as much as you can.

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