8 Things I Learnt From Your Child

8 Things I Learnt From Your Child

To my precious little girl,


I never knew how life-changing an experience having a daughter  could be.


When you arrived, I decided I wanted to be the best mom in the world, I wanted everything to be perfect for you. I wanted to raise you to be a kind, smart, caring, intelligent, positive individual.


At the beginning I thought, I should teach and advise you in ways that would shape you to be a stellar person! Little did I know that I would be learning so much more from you.


I’ve learnt the ability to truly not discriminate from you.

I believe in equality but yet I don’t interact with all classes, all castes, all communities. When I take you to the park, I might think twice about letting you play with a child from the slums. But all you see is another kid you want to be friends with.


I’ve learnt from you that you can’t learn and unlearn at one’s convenience.

I taught you that litter at home needs to be picked up and thrown into the bin. You learnt that well. You wanted to replicate the same at parks, restaurants wherever else we went. As an adult, I had learnt to compartmentalise. I was particular about somethings at home, but shrugged away from it when we were outside. You changed that in me.


I’ve learnt from you how important determination is.

I’ve seen you not give up even when your block of buildings collapses for the 15th time. I’ve seen you attempting to walk despite hurting your knee a million times. As an adult, I’ve lost that attitude. I need to try really hard to ensure I try harder, and that is not easy.


I’ve learnt from you what sense of possibility truly means.

The other day at the park, a 5 year old kid climbed up the rock climbing installation. You immediately wanted to try. You didn’t fear before you tried. You weren’t embarrassed when you failed the first few times. And against my belief, you managed to climb up the first few steps with a little help from me!


I’ve also learnt from you the importance of experiences over materialistic desires.

In the last 10 years that I’ve worked, I’ve constantly upgraded from one brand to another, a smaller house to a bigger house and so on. Sure, progress is good, but I’ve learnt from you as long as it’s fun a kitchen vessel can be as much fun as a 3000 rupee toy. I now value going to the park and lying in the grass, thanks to you.


I’ve learnt from you how important it is to live in the moment.

How important it is to enjoy what we have right now amidst us. As an adult, I’m constantly planning what’s next that I sometimes forget to enjoy the present.


I’ve also learnt from you the importance of enjoying the small pleasures.

I see you burst out in laughter when I make a funny face, or dance like no one’s watching when I sing your favorite song! I now realize how important it is to enjoy my daily cup of coffee, or my TV time with dad, or my me-time in the cab to work!


And lastly, I’ve learnt from you how there’s always time for cuddles and kisses.

This is despite growth spurts, and teething, and late nights and fever, there’s always time for hugs, and that truly compensates for everything else!


I’ve learnt so much from you as a mom. I hope you don’t unlearn these. All you need to do is keep the child alive in you. Stay the same, and don’t become an adult too soon!


Lots of love,

Happiest mom in the world!


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