This One’s For You, Mommies!

This One’s For You, Mommies!

Mother’s Day is right around the corner. And we are sure you have already planned something special for your mommy or even yourself! Don’t? We’ve got you covered! Take your pick from these amazing ‘pick-me-up’ gifts and create wonderful memories!       


Take a Break, Momma

What is a mother’s day full of? Running around. Some more running around and loads of running around. So, here’s a little something to take a break, let your hair down and indulge in a calming routine, The Moms Co. style! Get back your glow, mommy!


The Moms Co. Calming Skincare Bundle.



This bundle is perfect for a soothing and moisturising routine. Let Lavender and Patchouli Essential Oils in the Wash bring over a sense of relaxation while Shea Butter and oils like Rosehip, Organic Chamomile and Organic Jojoba in the Lotion provide deep nourishment to your overworked body.

Dress Up In Style!

Why does a mom-to-be’s wardrobe need to be full of functional clothes? Here’s a little something to glam you up while wearing your bump in style! Go on, style mommy!


Maternity Blue Dress by Mama Couture



Everything about this dress spells comfort and style. Made of super soft fabric with lycra this navy blue dress has a stylish cowl neck! This one’s definitely a keeper!


De-stress, One Sip At A Time

After a long winding day (isin’t that the story of your life?), make some time for yourself. Make yourself a cuppa, plonk a cushion and just de-stress!


With the freshness of mint and the goodness of alfalfa, cinnamon and cloves, this green tea is your perfect stress buster!


Glam Up, Organically!

Who is more worried about what goes in the family’s food and clothes and everything else? Here’s some nature-enriched glamour for you, the organic mommy!


Vanilla Lip Butter Balm by La Flora Organics


This vanilla lip butter balm is 100% herbal with moisturizing oils and butters in creamy vanilla which penetrate deep into the skin cells and nourish it. Ready to pout?


Keep Those Locks Beautiful & That Skin Nourished!

Your tresses add to your natural charm and grace. Whether you like them short, mid-length or short, your tresses need all love they can get. And that skin of yours could do with some pampering too, don’t you agree?   

Wish The Worries Away!

Nothing calms better than a relaxing bath, ain’t it? If you can find the bathroom to yourself, that is. What’s even better is a bath that nourishes. Yes, you heard that right, a nourishing bath!  


This epsom salt with Lavender Essential Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Glycerine, Food colours is known to ease muscle pain, relieve aching feet, cleanse pores, and detoxify the skin. So go find yourself a tub to soak in and rejuvenate!  


Didn’t like any of the options listed here? The entire BabyChakra marketplace is your playground! Find yourself something you like! You definitely deserve it. And a Happy Mother’s Day to you!


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