White Discharge in the 9th Month Of Pregnancy

White Discharge in the 9th Month Of Pregnancy

White Discharge in the 9th month of Pregnancy

All women experience some amount of vaginal white discharge during the  9th month of pregnancy. A vaginal discharge is normally thin, white, and milky with a slight smell. This is also known as leucorrhea. This discharge helps to keep the vagina clean and healthy. When you get pregnant, your body undergoes a series of changes. One of them is an increase  in the discharge from the vagina, especially in the final weeks of your pregnancy. This is known as the mucus plug. However, this is not a cause of worry, and is in fact, a sign of upcoming labor.


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Mucus plug

  • What it is: During pregnancy, the mucus plug blocks the cervix to prevent bacteria from entering into the uterus. Before you experience labor, this mucus plug is pushed out from the body to allow the baby to pass through the cervix.
  • What it looks like: The mucus plug is usually clear, stringy mucus, or thick discharge, which may be slightly pink in color or blood-tinged. Sometimes, it may go unnoticed as there is an increase in vaginal discharge during pregnancy.
  • What it means: When the mucus plug leaves your body, it means that your cervix is dilating and preparing you for labor. As the cervix opens steadily, labor could take anywhere between hours to days.

However, if your mucus plug or vaginal discharge is bright red in color or in copious quantities, be sure to contact your physician as your pregnancy might be at risk.


Other reasons for white watery discharge during 9th month of pregnancy

If your discharge smells too strong, has a different colour or makes you feel itchy or sore, then you may be most likely dealing with a vaginal infection that must be treated right away. This includes the following:

  • Thrush: It is a fungal infection, also known as candidiasis or yeast infection, and is common in pregnancy. Your physician can treat it easily with some topical antifungal creams.
  • Bacterial vaginosis: It is caused due to an imbalance of normal bacteria in your vagina and may cause fishy-smelling discharge. It can be treated with oral and/or topical antibiotics.
  • Sexually transmitted diseases (STD): An abnormal discharge might be suggestive of STD.


White discharge during the 9th month of pregnancy may just be normal and you need not worry. However, if you experience any abnormal or foul-smelling discharge, it can indicate that something is wrong. Consult your gynecologist immediately to avoid any kind of complications for you and your baby.


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