Early Dental Care For Babies: Live Q&A With Dr Diksha Batra

Early Dental Care For Babies: Live Q&A With Dr Diksha Batra

A baby's gummy smiles are replaced with toothy ones as s/he grows. Taking care of those little teeth is important to maintain oral hygiene and make way for healthy teeth growth. Our Momstars asked Dr Diksha Batra to through some light on those pearly  whites.


Q: My daughter is 11 months old n her lower tooth has got cavity. Its superficial  and the doc said it is because of milk. My question is now what can i do so that it stops there n then n doesn't spread more or doesn't become deep . I am brushing her teeth twice daily with finger brush and toothpaste for kids with flouride. Also, she takes night feeds. So do i need to wipe her mouth every time she feeds?

A: You’re doing everything you can already which is great! cleaning and wiping her mouth after feed is very important so keep doing it. I would not recommend any treatments at such a young age just observation, good habits and eventually slowly weaning at night as she gets older.


Q: My son who is 11 months has just one upper tooth so far. Is it fine? I consulted his pediatrician, he suggested for a finger brush . My query is how do I rinse his mouth after brushing? Just one tooth in 11 months.. is it ok??; Also he takes night feeds.. so what are the precautions to prevent any type of cavities?

A: 11 months is an age to keep clean and observing. Wiping with a muslin cloth in the night post his feed is a good measure u can start with night feeds should be limited slowly.


Q: My baby is 3 months old..as of now I just clean her mouth with a soft damp cotton cloth after daily bath do I need to take any other care for her oral hygiene as of now ? When does teething start because already I feel her gums to are very rigid and sometimes I feel a biting sensation on my nipple while feeding her.

A: Main oral care starts after teeth erupt between 6-8 months. Do not worry if this eruption is delayed a bit, kids get teeth upto 2 years. Teething can start early as well, if you are feeling rigidity but she’s not complaining yet then no cause for concern. Signs of teething are redness in the area,itching which she will not be able to communicate so she may be cranky and in severe teething the child may even develop fever.


Q: Ma'am, my daughter is 1.5 yea, teething has started and she gets fever as well. She refuses to eat, what can I give her to ease teething pain so that she gets her appetite back?

A: You can use a teething gel, homeopathic or allopathic. A very popular one is bonjela gel for toddlers. Home remedies also work, like honey and glycerin.


Q: My baby is 4 and half months old and he is always biting his finger and he takes everything to his mouth... Is it sign of teething? How should I know he is getting teeth? What are the symptoms?

A: It’s normal for him to be taking his fingers and pretty much everything in his mouth as he’s trying to get to know the world and usually kids identify with the mouth. You will know teething has started if he is unusually cranky, has a change in his appetite and eating patterns,increase in salivation,redness in the area,you may also see redness in the lower gum area as these teeth come first. 4.5 months is a bit early but it does happen. Approximately 6 months you can expect teething.



1. We are using finger brush for my kid but he's keen on using toothbrush. When's the right time to start?
2. Which toothpaste is best for a kid who is just learning to brush?
3. My kiddo has just 6 teeth (4 upper jaw and 2 lower jaw) which he got at one year and after that nothing. Is there a problem?
4. We are not giving him any calcium supplements. Is it required?
5. How often should his teeth be cleaned? We are doing it only once in a day presently.


1. If your kid is ready to use a brush, this is a good time to start under supervision. Use a soft kids brush so you can brush his teeth and let him take over with time

2. Many brands available. It's important to use something fluoridated for children below 5 years also flavors help in making it more palatable

3. He seems to be delayed in his pattern of eruption

4. Consult your pediatrician regarding the supplements from a dental perspective, no significant impact at this age

5. Try putting him in the habit of brushing twice a day


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