Travelling With An Infant? Here Is A Checklist

Travelling With An Infant? Here Is A Checklist

15 May 2018 | 5 min Read

Samidha Mathur

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Travelling becomes really tiring and hectic when you are travelling with your little one. You need to carry lots of stuff in order to meet your baby’s requirements. To decide what to carry and what to not becomes confusing. Therefore, in order to help you in this confusion, this blog brings you the checklist items, which you should carry  especially when you are travelling with an infant.



  • Diapers

Prefer to carry sufficient numbers of diapers for your infant when you are in transit. Make sure to change the diaper at a regular interval of time, as prolonged use of single diaper can create irritation and rashes on your baby’s sensitive area.


  • Paper/Cloth bags

Do not forget to carry some extra paper/cloth bags, so that you can use them  for throwing soiled diapers and used wipes.

However, these paper/cloth bags can also be used for keeping soiled clothes.

This item is also an important part of the checklist, as most of the mums forget to carry these bags when they are travelling with their infant.


  • Baby Wipes

Wet wipes for your baby is an important item to include in your luggage as will help you to clean your baby’s sensitive area easily. The usage of wet cloth is not a good option as it can develop rashes or allergic reactions. Therefore, in order to prevent those unwanted situations, baby wet wipes are advisable.


  • Diaper Rash Cream

This item is also as much important like any other mentioned item. It may happen that baby may get rashes or redness in his sensitive area while travelling. Here, in this situation, diaper rash cream will help you to a great extent. The diaper rash cream provides instant relief to the rashes and irritation caused due to the fiction on the baby’s sensitive and soft skin.


  • Blankets

Although it is common that we get blankets in the train and plane, still the hygiene matter comes into play. Therefore, it is always better to be extra cautious while travelling with an infant and carry his/her own baby blanket. Moreover, it is said that a baby feels more comfortable in his own belongings. So, do not forget to carry his blanket while travelling with him.


  • Feeding Bottles with extra feeding nipples

It is good if you carry two sets of feeding bottles with an extra pair of feeding nipples. It is due to the reason that while travelling you may not be able to sterilize the feeding bottle and its nipple after each and every use, hence if you are having an extra set of a bottle then it will be easy for you to feed your baby timely.

Do not forget to clean the bottle properly after each and every use, as it may start stinking.


  • Boiled/warm water

If you are unsure about the availability of boiled or warm water for making formula milk for your baby, then it is good to carry boiled/warm water with you in a good thermosteel bottle.


  • Baby Food / Formula Milk with utensils

Remember to pack baby food/formula milk in your bag.  At the same time, put necessary utensils like feeding bowl, spoon, a small glass for water, etc. so that feeding your baby may not become a difficult situation for you while travelling with your infant.


  • Hand Sanitizers and Basic Medicines

Generally, paediatricians do prescribe some necessary supplements for a baby which has to be given until the age of 6 months or sometimes even till more as per to the need. Therefore, do not forget to carry them all, as they are important for your baby’s growth and health.

Before giving these necessary supplements, do not forget to sanitize your hands with a good sanitizer as you are travelling and washing hands each and every time is not possible. So carry them too along with yourself.


  • Baby’s Favourite Toys

Although we adults feel that toys are not important to carry when travelling with an infant, these toys play a major role to pacify the baby when he is getting bored or restless. Generally, infants do get bored quickly while travelling, therefore, toys can help your kid to soothe himself from boredom.


  • Extra sets of clothing

Make yourself prepared for the fact that infants do soil their clothes a lot while travelling. It can be either by the number of pees and poops session (despite having diapers) or by splitting up several times. Hence, it is good to keep few extra sets of clothing.

Important Tips:

  • Start packing for your baby a few days before.
  • Keep this checklist handy while packing, so that you may forget any important item to pack.
  • Also, save the number of your baby’s doctor on your mobile phone, in case you need while travelling.

I hope this blog will be useful for you to pack the bags for your little one. So start packing and go for a lovely vacation, and yes, do not forget to share your experiences Moreover, if you have any further suggestion or any idea related to this post, please feel free to comment.


Happy Packing!


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