Baby Head Control: 6 Months Are All You Need!

Baby Head Control: 6 Months Are All You Need!

Every new mom, actually, every person, who holds a newborn is first taught how to provide the newborn baby neck support adequately.

The tiny tot put in our arms, just as they are born, wrapped up warm, have a way of stealing our hearts. Their first cry turns out to be the sweetest sound new parents hear. And thus everything about the infant becomes a big concern, a careful measured move! Among the most important of them is how to carry the newborn with utmost care. Babies are unable to support the weight of their heads on their yet fragile necks making it imperative that we provide the newborn baby neck support while holding it.


Newborn head support - why do we need to  provide it?

A newborn’s neck is not too strong, making it wobble under the head. Every wobbling of the head can make the brain in the skull move around a little, which may damage tissues and ligaments. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to care about support to the newborn’s neck and head.


Infant head and neck support - what can the  baby do after two months?

By the two month mark, infant neck support improves drastically. While they still cannot keep it up straight completely, they can manage to barely hold it up with adequate support from their caregiver. More often than not, they are better able to control their heads by this time during their tummy time. That is, while lying down on their tummy on the floor, they are able to lift their heads up.


Baby head and neck support - miracle in the fourth month

Baby head support and baby neck support abilities grow by leaps and bounds during the third month. The baby is able to control it more steadily with lesser wobbles. Even while on their tummy, babies can now bend their spine further back, bearing more weight on their arms and legs as they hold their heads higher. And by the time the fourth month turns in, they are completely proficient with their ability to control their head with support. By this time, baby head control is strong enough for them to even roll over from their tummy to their back and vice versa. Lifting babies this age onward is less scary as they can now bear their heads fairly well, though utmost care must still be taken.


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