Five Bollywood Celeb Dads Who Give Major Daddy Goals

Five Bollywood Celeb Dads Who Give Major Daddy Goals

16 May 2018 | 3 min Read

Preeti Athri

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The gorgeous Kareena Kapoor Khan was a glowing mum-to-be and now she continues to glow through motherhood. Her adorable little munchkin Taimur has stolen the hearts of many and they make a picture-perfect mother-son duo.


Kareena, who is a UNICEF Goodwill Advocate, recently spoke about the importance of family support in bringing up children. “I’ve been lucky [and] give utmost credit to Saif (Saif Ali Khan, actor). The first thing after childbirth that you want to do is put the child on the mother’s breast. After childbirth I was tired, but that was on my mind. With my eyes half shut, I asked Saif to give Taimur that kangaroo love. When the mother is recuperating from childbirth, the father must step in. A shout out to those fathers whose support is important for a newborn’s health,” she said at an event.


When celebrity fathers step up and do their bit in parenting, it sets a great example for young dads all over to actively participate in bringing up the kids. Here are some other celeb dads who took their daddy duties very seriously.


Shah Rukh Khan


Imagesource: ndtv

He might have played the role of a careless, lover boy often on screen, but when it comes to being a dad, Shah Rukh Khan is totally responsible and out there for his kids. In several interviews he has revealed how he cracks dirty jokes with his eldest son Aryan like a buddy, constantly supports his daughter Suhana’s acting efforts and totally adores AbRam. We’ve seen him often teaching the kids about winning, losing and other life lessons during IPL season.


Shahid Kapoor


Imagesource: vogue

The Padmaavat actor can’t get over his cute little princess, and Instagram images prove it. Shahid is often seen dancing, playing, going to the park and drawing with Misha. As wife Mira Rajput reveals, Shahid bathes Misha, changes her diapers and likes to keep everything around her clean.


Hrithik Roshan


Imagesource: filmibeat

The light-eyed star might have separated from his wife Sussanne Khan, but he stands like a rock for his sons. Hrithik has often revealed how Sussanne and he still spend family time despite the divorce to make sure the boys are not affected. He also takes several holidays with the boys alone to have some ‘men only time’.


Abhishek Bachchan


Imagesource: mid-day

Aishwarya Rai is a totally hands on mom and managed little Aradhya 24/7. But husband Abhishek Bachchan revealed in an interview that he too would wake up often at night to change his baby’s diapers as Ash and him decided to bring up the baby themselves without the help of a maid. It’s only when Abhishek began to completely lose sleep which made him late for his shoots did Aishwarya ask him to sleep in a separate room till Aradhya was older.


It helps both,the mommy and the baby to have an involved, loving father. We need not be celebrities,but we can sure hope for a generation of penguin dads. Here’s to total teamwork parenting!


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