Common Homeopathic Medicines Recommended For Babies

Common Homeopathic Medicines Recommended For Babies

Homeopathy for babies is a safe, gentle and effective system of medicine. The medicines are prepared from natural substances which are non-toxic that can be used for newborn babies as well. In fact, mothers can begin using homeopathy from day 1 itself as it passes through breast milk.

Homeopathy is known to boost immunity of babies as they begin to grow. Also,  the sweet pills that they are dispensed in makes it an instant hit with the little ones.

What are some of the homeopathic remedies for babies that are commonly used?

  • Teething: Teething is a phenomenon each baby must go through. Babies may find it to be a very painful experience. Homeopathy can be of great help to alleviate tooth pain for your baby.

Remedies like Aconite, Belladonna, Chamomilla, Cina are some of the remedies that can help to soothe toothache when the child is agitated, is screaming and restless from the pain.

  • Colic: Colic causes great distress in babies and as a result to parents. Common remedies include Colocynth and Magnesium phosphoricum when the baby is screaming with extreme pain.
  • Overall development and immunity: Babies grow at their own pace.  However, some babies grow slower than the others. Some babies may also show delays in developmental milestones.

Remedies like Calcarea carbonicum, Silicea, Baryta carbonicum can help in stimulating maturational growth.

In homeopathy, there is a concept of ‘constitutional medicine’ which is specific to your baby that can help to boost his/her immune system. The remedy is chosen after detail case taking and studying your baby’s characteristics which will repair the body’s defense mechanism.

Visit a professional homeopath to know what homoeopathic remedies for babies suits your baby the best as self medication may not give the optimal benefits the therapy has to offer.


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