10 No Preparation Summer Activities For Kids

10 No Preparation Summer Activities For Kids

21 May 2018 | 4 min Read

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Summers are here and with them comes the school vacations, which means confused, bored, irritated kids at home who are house arrest in the noon times.
Here are few no-preparation activities to keep them busy and occupied.

1. Frozen Toys: Simply freeze any toy like mine loves dinosaur, so I usually freeze miniature dinosaurs in a bowl and he loves to break it with plastic hammer or in the bathtub or melt in a bucket of water.



2. Paper Plate Crafts are a great hit with my toddler.
The best part there is no limit to creativity and a great change than normal drawing book or paper. Paper plates can be cut in different shapes like fish, dinosaurs or handprint them or draw any painting or stick glitters, stars or anything.






3. Cardboard Craft: We all have those extra shoe boxes. Time to put them to use.
Car Parking space is made with a shoe box by opening its one side. My toddler recently learned the concept of parking and ticket from parking meter, so was a good time to enhance practical learning.



This elephant is quick 15 minute craft. Older Kids who can cut with scissors can easily try this. Use cereal or biscuit boxes for this, easy to cut and give shoes.


4. Popsicle Stick Craft: Super easy, fun and quick craft with lot of room for creativity, imagination and motor skills. Here I have made an airplane with colourful sticks. Even puppets can be made with these.



5. Tracing & Matching Shapes: We all have different shape blocks or toys. Great to learn tracing the shapes of blocks or matching the drawn shapes.


6. Water Activities: Water play is always winner with kids specially during summers.

Super idea to learn few concepts:

  • Sinking and floating
  • Aquatic and land animals
  • Painting the bath tub – just spill some water colors in the tub and let them paint by hands and then they can wash the tub and themselves too.


7. Free Play: Structure or guided play is important for skill development, and so is Free Play to improve reasoning, cause and effect, imagination and test the learned or observed concepts.


These blocks have holes and are to be threaded with the threads provided or can be stacked of made in any shapes.

This is Stegosaurus, his favorite Dinosaur, created by my 3 year old. Don’t miss the spikes on it’s back and green tail. Love the imagination!!

8. Dinosaurs Jumping: Kids love jumping and love it more when their dinosaurs jump too. It is also no-preparation activity. simply stick a ruler to a box and let the Dinos jump.
For jumping, I keep a box of water as a swimming pool dive, or prepare Cloud Dough and store.




9. Clay – Doh:
Clay doh are always life savior. The best part they can create just ANYTHING and something new each time, and it never becomes monotonous or boring and is always a new learning.



10. Art and Craft anytime, anywhere, anything.. This bubble wrap painting. turned out to be quite fun.



Tree made using bubble wrap and water colors.



Print out of watermelon colored by using ear bud dipped in colors. This Technique is called Pointillism.



Bunch of flowers made by ladies finger dipped in water colors.



Hope you find this post useful. Do share your thoughts and views in comment section below.

Happy Summers!


Disclaimer: All photographs in this article are original and belong to the author. Reproducing them in any form without the permission of the author will not be allowed.


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