Are You Giving Your Child Enough Boredom Time?

Are You Giving Your Child Enough Boredom Time?

21 May 2018 | 3 min Read

Preeti Athri

Author | 117 Articles

“Mummy, I’m bored.” What do you do when you hear these words? Quickly bring out the DIY craft kit, search the internet for ‘keep kid busy’ ideas or switch on the TV? Whatever the option, we never let our children just ‘get bored.’


Remember when we were kids, our parents hardly interfered with our playtime and let us figure things out by ourselves. Then why is it that we cannot see our children do nothing nowadays?


Today, we feel that our kids need to be stimulated all the time. Our little ones are constantly bombarded with toys, books, apps, rhymes, flash cards, classes, playdates etc. etc.


Somewhere, parents feel that getting bored is an opportunity lost and that we have to make most of their ‘brain growing years’ while keeping them busy. We also feel we are not parenting well enough if our kids are unoccupied.


But if eminent child psychologists are believed, boredom is actually good for our children in many ways. Here’s why you must let your child get bored at times.


Boredom can stimulate creativity

How will your child develop his own creative cells if s/he’s busy with someone else’s creativity?  Boring time allows your child to come up with something of his/her own. Sure movies and stories inspire creativity, but some alone time is.needed for your child’s imagination to develop wings.


Your child becomes more independent

How often can we be there for kids always? Boredom can help a child pick up something to do on his own. How do you think great artists were born? They started by getting bored!


It teaches the child that you have other things to do

Yes we love our kids but the worst thing we can do is give them the impression that they’re the centre of the universe always. So allow them to be not entertained by you so that they can respect your time as well.


Doing nothing helps kids recognise themselves

When will our kids realise who they are if they don’t have nothing time? Boredom makes one switch off from external stimuli and focus on oneself. This is important step in personality development.


Boredom is good for parents too

Finish that cup of coffee, that last chore or that pending text. You don’t have to leave everything to rush and entertain your kid. They are smart and can figure things out for themselves.


So tell your kid, boredom is good, because it is. Do your child a favour, let him/her do nothing.


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