Your Baby’s Skin Will Want More Of These Wipes

Your Baby’s Skin Will Want More Of These Wipes

22 May 2018 | 3 min Read

Sulbha Bathwal

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June 2014 was the month when my twin boys were born. Even before their birth, I had decided that any product that touches my babies’ skin needed to go through me! All the more so after their birth given their delicate and sensitive skin. While elders in the family came up with their own recommendations based on experience, I took them with a pinch of salt.


At the time of my baby shower, I had been gifted a bunch of Himalaya BabyCare products. When preparing for the babies to come home, I had skimmed through the ingredients listed on the packaging. I decided to go ahead and use them. During the initial trips to the hospital for vaccinations, I also had a conversation with the pediatrician. Her stamp of approval was all I needed to continue using Himalaya BabyCare range. It is now close to four years that I have been using Himalaya products and I must admit that I have not found any reason to switch.


Coming back to the delicate skin of my little ones. Like any other mom, I wanted to make sure I gave my children the best. I started using wipes from another brand (thanks to the gifts my babies got) and felt the irritation that my babies experienced from the first week itself. And it immediately struck me – I must switch to Himalaya for wipes as well!


I went ahead with Himalaya Soothing Baby Wipes. And I noticed the difference from Day 1! There was a visible difference in the mood of my babies, especially when they were wiped before nap time. What strikes you immediately is the soothing fragrance (therefore the name I think). The soothing fragrance helped them calm and doze off. I feel the moisture content in the wipes is also just perfect – not too wet and not too dry.


The Himalaya Soothing Baby Wipes are a treasure trove of natural ingredients, each carefully handpicked – Aloe Vera, Almond Oil, Lavender (oh the fragrance!) Indian Madder and Five-Leaved Chaste Tree, and all serving very important purposes.




The wipes were also part of our routine after we came home from a long time outdoors.
I believed and it definitely helped in protecting their skin from the after effects of changing seasons and rising pollution.


We don’t use the wipes so often now but the Himalaya BabyCare range is definitely part of our lives. With summer upon us now, the Himalaya Prickly Heat Baby Powder, Himalaya Soothing Calamine Baby Lotion are part my babies’ skin care routine!


I have experienced Himalaya Soothing Baby Wipes to be apt for proper cleanliness, that also helps in moisturizing and soothing baby’s sensitive skin. Have you tried them yet?


Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by: Himalaya

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