Meet the Creative & Crafty Mom, Poornima Kulkarni!

Meet the Creative & Crafty Mom, Poornima Kulkarni!


Meet Poornima Kulkarni, who made parenting a lot of Fun, creative, silly and crafty for many moms. A true super mom, who works on multiple projects and still makes time for her darling daughter and home. Poornima is hands full with many creative ventures being the founder of A SPOONFULL OF IDEAS BLOG and CREATIVE BITS, and creative contributor to popular FB GROUP- KIDUCATE. Read her story of mommy hood and entrepreneurship here….



1. My mom quotient:

I am a moderate mom. I am not too sweet nor too sour :) and even though I love my daughter to bits, I do blow my top once in a while. All this, but I would still say my Parenting style is Imperfect. :)

There is no one style that works!

I believe in being a fun mom, being silly with my daughter, being true to her and being fair (as much as I can!). I have very few 'rules' for my daughter but, I 'think' she is careful about not breaking those. I have learnt that each mom and each child is different. No two situations are exactly the same.


2. My Mom Inc. Story:

The need to connect with the outside world and with other moms brought forth A spoonful of ideas blog. I wanted to share my ideas and my thoughts. When I was pregnant, I started reading many blogs. 'The Moms Views' by Swapna Thomas was and is one of my favorite blogs. I even wrote few articles for her blog and that's how I got the confidence to have a space of my own.



Few months later, I realized through my blog that our activity posts were read by many moms who loved our simple crafts. That is when I started Creative Bits. The main purpose of starting this venture was to provide great quality, economical craft kits to help a mother and child bond better. They are exclusively meant for age group 2-6 years.  We provided craft kits to 'Little Reader's nook' book kit subscribers for many months. Each craft was designed for their theme exclusively.   We customize our craft kits according to your requirement.



My Motivation for all these initiatives was the fact that, I love engaging kids in activities, books, arts, crafts and games. And a need to connect with other moms and kids on a professional level thereby finding my own individuality in the process. 

My blog, turns two this July. Most of my posts are read from my facebook page and I am really thankful for each of those 3100 likes. And our 'Creative bits' turns one this February. I think with my craft kits, I have been happy with the feedback from my customers and repeated orders. There is a long way ahead to go and we are ready for the challenges & the changes.

Today, we are one of the top blogs for Parenting-

I also share my creativity with popular FB Group - KIDUCATE. Being their prime Creative Contributor. Kiducate is a common platform to share and exchange information, reviews, feedbacks and opinions about the various activities your child is in.


3. Who inspired/ supported me:

My readers. My eyes turn moist and my heart lighter, thanks to the lovely comments and appreciation.  My family, they are the ones who made adjustments, supported and offered advice when required. My friends, who are my readers, my hope rope, my fighters, my advisors, my customers.  Ameet Chimote, a childhood neighbour and friend was the first to ask me the question, 'Why don't you start your blog?' I seriously doubted if anyone would even read my posts! He was very optimistic. Worked for me! And Swapna Thomas, a blogger, a friend, her support has been invaluable, especially at the beginning when the doubts are larger than your achievements.


4. Advice/tips:

You need to have interest and passion for your professional subject. Check with your inner self before you begin. When I started a blog, I thought only writing was enough. When I started a craft business, I thought only being creative was enough. No it isn't. There are a lot many roles you have to play and you learn along the way but, you need to be open to learning.

On personal front, believe in yourself. Give yourself wings and try. Learn time and people management and be thankful.


5. I love BabyChakra because, they asked for my recommendations for doctors, salons, kid’s shoppe etc. I think I loved these because, they are genuine reviews from moms like us, for moms like us and these would help us choose better services in and around our locality.

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