Nutrition Meets Yumminess This Summer!

Nutrition Meets Yumminess This Summer!

23 May 2018 | 3 min Read


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Summer is the time for fun, activities and loads of yum! And guess what, the delicious quotient this summer just got upped with the newest flavour in town – Pediasure’s Cookies & Cream!


Former Miss Universe and actress Lara Dutta, her husband and former national tennis player Mahesh Bhupathi and celebrity kid chef Kicha launched the new Pediasure variant in Mumbai.


BabyChakra moms got to witness all the action first hand and did they like it or what!



The BabyChakra team too slurped up a shot!    



That was not all. Moms got to interact with Dr Indu Khosla, Practicing Pediatrician, Cloud Nine Hospitals and Dr. Eileen Canday, HOD Nutrition & Dietetic HN Reliance Foundation Hospital on how they could get their kids to eat better and healthier.


Kids have become more picky and fussy eaters because of the kind of lifestyles we lead, Dr Khosla said adding that one meal together as a family must be a non-negotiable with zero distractions, especially screens.


What we offer children is what they will eat, Dr Canday stated adding that it was up to parents to instill healthy habits from the start. If children are offered healthier options when they are hungry, they are more likely to reach out for those than for junk!   


With Pediasure, you are guaranteed both! A healthy option and a satisfied child! Whether they enjoy a cuppa for that burst of energy in the morning or after a famished day of play or even before they wind down for a good night’s sleep to begin afresh the next day, go ahead and let them slurrrp it up!


Dutta, who has a 6-year-old, Saira, thinks the new variant is definitely going to be a hit in her house because both the child and her dad (Bhupathi) have a sweet tooth and in fact refer to each other as “The Cookie Monsters”!   


Pediasure contains 37 essential nutrients, if taken in recommended doses (twice a day), is proven to result in visible growth. Summers are going to be full of fun, activities and loads of growth!


Take a look at what kids’ feel about the Cookies & Cream flavour.



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