Plan a Memorable Baby-Moon!

Plan a Memorable Baby-Moon!

Considering that taking a vacation is really difficult once a baby arrives on the scene, it's a lovely idea to have a nice getaway during your pregnancy. Besides, it'll be good to get away with just your partner, away from doctor's appointments, ultrasound scans and fussing relatives! Here are some babymoon ideas, babymoon destinations you must try.


Here are some things to keep in mind while planning a baby-moon.

1. Timing is everything:

For most women, the second trimester is the best period of their pregnancy. The discomforts of the first trimester are past, and the heaviness that comes with the third trimester is still ahead. But choose whatever you feel is best. However, if you are well into your third trimester, check airline rules – some don't allow women over 7-8 months pregnant to fly.

2. Minimize travel time:

Choose something close to home – it's a good thing to avoid too much travel-time. With backache and swollen feet being a concern in later pregnancy, take that into account while planning. During travel, get up and walk around a bit to get the circulation going.

3. Relaxed vacation:

Most women prefer a relaxed vacation of just kicking back and soaking in the atmosphere wherever they visit. Consider not packing in too much sightseeing or walking if you don't feel up to it. Avoid slippery places too – anything that might make you lose your footing.

4. Pack well: Pack light:

It'll make luggage easier to move around. Make sure that you pack comfortable clothes and shoes, and perhaps, your favourite pregnancy pillow. Take your medicines along, especially those that are pregnancy-safe, whose availability you cannot rely on in the place you are visiting.

5. Tell doc:

Get permission from your doctor about your travel, and keep her him informed. Have her / his phone number handy, in case you need to contact the doc for anything.

6. Local doc or hospital:

Get information about a good hospital or local doctor in the place you are going to – in case of an emergency. Pack copies of your medical records too.

7. Check resort and room to see if they are pregnancy-friendly:

If you are not feeling very fit, ensure that the hotel has elevators, and that getting to your room in the resort is not too strenuous. Ensure that the room is not too noisy.

8. Food and water:

Check ahead to see whether the hotel is known for clean food. If you are choosy about food, ensure that the restaurant has a size able

variety on their menu. Consider using bottled water if you are not sure of the water quality there. Take along comfort foods, just in case - and quick-energy snacks too, for those sudden hunger pangs.


But where should you go for a baby-moon? Here are some possible locations:

1. A beach resort:

Great for soaking in the sun and letting the ocean soothe you. It depends on what season you are planning to go, though, and whether you are more comfortable in the sun or shade.

2. A mountain resort:

The relaxing green and the clouds can be thoroughly good for mind and body. But if you suffer from nausea, the ride to a mountain-top resort can make you giddy. Also, it is better to avoid very high altitudes – the low oxygen levels can make a pregnant woman more tired than usual.

3. Forest and jungle resorts:

A green choice minus the altitude. Go easy on bumpy safari rides and slippery jungle tracks, though!

4. A local resort:

Many couples prefer a resort not far from where they live – a few days of rest and isolation, and games and swimming in a relaxing, pampered atmosphere – but still close to home!

5. Visit friends or family:

Another great option is to visit close friends or family who would be happy to have you and pamper you - without giving you  any pregnancy advice!

Since the concept of a baby-moon is becoming popular in India, there are several resorts and hotels who offer baby-moon packages, complete with ayurvedic massages, prenatal spas and pregnancy-friendly atmospheres. Check out these, do your research well, and enjoy your baby-moon! You need it!



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