All You Wanted To Ask About Breastfeeding And Feeding Disorders: Q&A With Ruchita Mehta

All You Wanted To Ask About Breastfeeding And Feeding Disorders: Q&A With Ruchita Mehta

All You Wanted to Ask About Breastfeeding and Feeding Disorders: QnA with Ruchita Mehta


Feeding is a daunting task for any new parent. Be it breastfeeding, weaning or coaxing a toddler to eat,  every parent has several questions about child nutrition. To bye bye those m doubts away, we had a live chat with expert Ruchita Mehta (Speech Language Pathologist) on breastfeeding and feeding disorders.


Q: My daughter is 3.5 months old and she is in her mouthing phase she is very distracted while feeding and seems disinterested. She keeps putting her hand in mouth every time. I have a few queries : 1. How should we keep the baby focussed while feeding so that she takes good amount in one feed 2. I feel her intake has reduced as she takes only a lil though her pee count is very good so what should be the feeding schedule and also approx what quantity should baby have in a day 3. How often should I express milk in a day to keep up my supply?

A: Avoid distractions while nursing that’s the first change you need to make. Let her know it isn’t play time yet. Use a posture wherein baby isn’t facing you which can tempt her to play with you. If her pee count is still the same that means she is filling her tummy by suckling fast on BM... so not to worry. During the day.. feeding schedule is set by your baby as she feels hungry.. approximately every 3 hrs. and depending on the supply you gauge expressing milk


Q: My daughter is 4 months old she was totally on breastfeed till 3.5 months. From last 15 days I have started introducing her to top feed as I have to join office after 2 months. But even after giving her formula milk she always cries for breastfeed. What to do?

A:Give her sometime, change is not easy with such young ones... remember breastfeeding is not only you supplying with milk it’s also the biggest comfort in this world for the babies….she is bound to cry... that’s normal!!


Q: My daughter is 3 months old from the start I feed her with my milk but suddenly i got fever and was unable to feed her. Now my milk is very low she refuses to take my milk and takes only formula milk .

I tried fenugreek, cinnamon powder in milk but no effect .Please suggest how to increase my milk supply?

A: Please ask the paediatrician to give you meds to increase the milk flow since you didn’t nurse for those many days your nursing went down. After taking meds... when you feel you are ready and baby is hungry, make sure you squeeze a little amount of milk and put it on her lips for her to taste and smell and then try latching her.


Q: My one month baby has a milk reflux  whenever I feed him. This happens even after burping.

Will this create a problem in his growth?

A: Did you reach to conclusion that your baby has reflux milk or did the doctor say so?? Because if it’s reflux , it’s needs proper management.


Q: My baby is 2.5months old. The problem is he always keeps his hand in his mouth, after taking feed too.. His birth weight was 3.4 n now he is 5.5 , so I’m confused whether my supply is ok or he stays hungry and puts his hand in his mouth.

A: Does he cry even after nursing ? If yes then your baby is still hungry. If your baby doesn’t cry after nursing and simply putting his hand or thumb in mouth then let him do that.. it’s called non- nutritive sucking, which has its own benefits.. it’s a source of great comfort to them and soothes their stimulation.


Q: Do I have to forcefully feed my 1 month old kid after every 2 hrs or should I feed on demand as sometimes he takes milk only for 2 minutes and sleep again.

A: Usually it is by demand only. Make sure when you are feeding your baby is awake and alert and if you think hasn’t taken enough, you can rub their ears gently to keep them awake to continue nursing. Pat and Burp and then try changing your breast side and nurse again.


Q: Hi my baby is 4 months old. Is there any problem if we lie down and feed the baby? Also almost after every feeding session, my baby spits out the milk not immediately after burping but at a later point. Is this due to the excessive milk fed to the baby?

A: Lying down and feeding his not the most ideal posture, it’s not wrong either. Just make sure you make this slightly elevated for the baby so that milk goes down and not sideways to enter ear canal. Spitting little milk even later is totally normal as long as your baby doesn’t cry after doing that. It’s the excess that’s coming out.


Q: My baby girl is 1 month old..i have pain in my breast after breastfeeding. I can't even touch my nipple and I had cut on nipple by baby sucking.. Is pain is normal?? What to do? And is it necessary to wear bra all time for a breastfeeding  mom?

A: Try expressing your milk a little before feeding to ease out the pain. Put your own breast milk on your nipples.. it will help to heal faster. If the pain continues  even after emptying you out. Please get it checked by a gynaecologist as there could be a possibility of infection in you.


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