When Daddy Shares The Load!

When Daddy Shares The Load!

4 Jun 2018 | 4 min Read


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Once our nanny quit, I went into a panic mode because it was only a week since I had joined office after 6 month long maternity leave and I didnt know if I could take any more leaves. Also I was worried that it would be difficult for my baby to adjust to a new nanny incase we find a replacement, which we haven’t so far. At this point, I really wished that my mom could be with us as my baby has been very comfortable around her and my mom is very hands on with babies thanks to her past experience with my elder brother’s daughter.

My parents live in Dehradun, which is not as fast paced as Mumbai  and they are used to living in an independent house that has big lawn, kitchen garden and lot of open fields around the house. My mom has been with me during my pregnancy and post delivery as well but I know that the whole apartment culture chokes her, where neighbors don’t interact much, the only view that you get from your apartment is that of another high rise building, so on and so forth. Therefore I didn’t want to put her in a spot by asking her to come live with us again because she most definitely would have said yes but at the expense of her health.

With the nanny agency not being able to send any candidate that we would be keen on hiring, Daddy dearest decided to stay home with the baby for the week until we get some help. He loves playing with out little monkey and never gets tired of rocking her and making her go up and up in the air.

He made sure that I didn’t have to make a choice between work and home that too when I was really eager to start work again. It’s so amazing to have a partner who truly understands the meaning of being a parent and that it’s a shared responsibility. He doesn’t just play with this little kitten but also bathes her everyday, cooks her food as we have started her on semi solids recently, takes her out for walks in the garden and rocks her softly to sleep. This is such a great bonding time for these two and also gives me time to get back on my feet at work after returning from the maternity leave.


From being scared of breaking her every time he held her to now taking care of her full time, my husband really has come a long way. I know a lot of Indian men who think raising a kid is a woman’s job even at the expense of her career but on the same hand I also know men who think it’s crucial that they share responsibility around the kid and the house. I hope more men start believing in this  so that every new mommy gets to take a step back and unwind herself be it at home or at work. This is also such a lovely message and learning for the baby to not just see mommy doing the household chores but both mommy daddy being equal partners in everything.


If only surviving on one’ salary was possible in Mumbai he would love to be a stay at home dad.


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