How To Count Baby Kicks Month On Month?

How To Count Baby Kicks Month On Month?

Feeling your baby move and keeping a count of your baby’s kicks might be one of the most enthralling feelings during the course of pregnancy. While you may be struggling with constant heartburns, nausea, puffy and aching feet and back, feeling your baby move would make everything worth it!

Every baby is unique and would have its own sleep patterns and active hours inside the womb. Hence, it is imperative that the pregnant mother takes time to understand her baby’s kick pattern to keep a check on its well-being. Most of the women start feeling the first flutters of their tiny tenant, otherwise called quickening, between the 18th and the 26th week of their pregnancy. You would be able to feel distinct kicks and pronounced movements towards the mid of the fifth month. Now would be the best time to start counting your baby kicks and keep a record of it month on month. Read on to know how you can do it.

Key Pointers to Help you Count Baby Kicks

Before we start with the “how” of counting the baby kicks, let us see what you should know to do so effectively.

1. Your baby would have a kick routine based on how much active the baby is at which part of the day. You need  to do the kick counts at the same time every day post the sixth month of your pregnancy.

2. Your baby kick count would be more rigorous after you have a meal/snack, have an adrenaline surge, post a session of exercise, after you drink something cold, while you listen to music, or when you talk to the baby.

3. Ensure that you count baby kicks when it is most active.

How to Count Baby Kicks


Baby Kick counter chart

Keep your notebook ready and mark an X for every time you feel your baby kick or move. Ensure  that you have marked the time before you start.

The chart below will give you an idea of what to expect with respect to the baby kicks and its frequency during the course of your pregnancy.


Weeks Baby Kicks Frequency
0-12 weeks The baby would be too tiny for you to feel any movement. -
16-20 weeks You would be able to feel the baby’s movements for the first time between week 18th and week 20th of your pregnancy. Irregular. No pattern can be deduced.
21-24 weeks The kicks would increase in intensity and frequency. More established but no set pattern.
24-28 weeks The kicks get more choreographed and timed. The frequency and strength of the kicks are also slightly higher. You may be able to sense a pattern and can deduce when the baby is the most active.
28-32 weeks The baby kick counts would be the maximum. You may be able to see the impression of your baby’s foot or hand on your belly region when it moves. The kicks would be the most pronounced and distinct. You would be able to distinguish between twitches, kicks, and hiccups.
33-40 weeks The uterus would be too cramped now and the baby’s movements would be slow but distinct. Can predict the wake and sleep pattern of the baby. However, the count of baby kicks would go down.
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