Scrumptious, Fruity And Healthy Picks

Scrumptious, Fruity And Healthy Picks

Your child’s nutrition is crucial in the early years as it sets the foundation for future growth and development. Everyday your baby is growing immensely and it is your job as parents to support that growth by providing the right supplements. Fruits are natural sources of vitamins and minerals that are crucial for development. Try these fruity variations daily and treat your little one! 


Rafferty's Garden Fruit Snack Bars are yummy snacks made with carefully selected wholesome ingredients including  fruit and oats made in New Zealand from local and imported ingredients. Contains no artificial flavours and colours, and GMO ingredients.

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Banana & Apricot Multigrain Baby Breakfast Cereal By Rafferty's Garden lets you expand the breakfast repertoire with the goodness of fruit and without the addition of added sugar. It also contains extra iron for healthy development. It is also lactose free!

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Organic Fruit Purees Combo-Pack Of 6 By Ormeal Foods brings the best combination of Apple, Strawberry and Banana to give the little ones the mix of taste and the joy of experiencing blended products. Easy to carry and ready to eat, with no artificial preservatives, added sugar, salt or water.

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The complete protein source and nutty goodness of almonds, yoghurt, cranberries, cereal, and watermelon seeds for some added crunch. As Indians we have grown up with yoghurt and developed a special relationship with it. It’s our go-to comfort food and of course very healthy. Try Yoghurt Berry + Anti-Oxidants By Mojo Bar bar quick and with an added twist to comfort food.

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Balance out your picky eater’s diet with a glass of good health! Banana Multigrain Health Drink By Little Moppet Foods is the ultimate combination of 6 different millets and assorted seeds and nuts, you have a dish that’s just brimming with good health! And when you combine these super powers with the high fiber and healthy calories of Kerala bananas, you know you have a winner on your hands!


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