'Nilufers Novelty: Cookie Pie'

From an in flight supervisor to a creative cookiie, Nilufer Syed shares her journey of redefining her identity after being a mommy. In our quest of being a good parent, we tend to put our ideas and ambitions under layers, but she unleashed her ideas and showed them to the world. Read her interesting story here…



1. My Mom Quotient

I am a totally hands on mother, as I realized early on that along the way I am learning to look at life with a whole new perspective! I discovered strengths and positives I knew I always had but never really used those, being a mother brought me in touch with myself. It’s a blessing to be able to explore and learn all that the universe teaches all over again. When I was pregnant and after delivery, my personal life was an extreme mess and motherhood journey taught me how to calm myself down and focus on my blessings. Being with a child loosens up your soul and so I strongly believe in providing a nurturing environment at home to my baby, which is free from aggression or expectations of any kinds.




My parenting style differs with situation – Old School, fun, disciplinary, logical, encompassing or easy going. I can be anyone or all at once. And somehow my daughter leads me to follow the right way that’s good for her. So I always keep myself open for change, but at all times, I try to be encouraging and fun. Honestly she’s been the parent to me and helping me grow my life around her rather than the other way around. And I am thrilled to say, it’s been a wonderful life so far.


2. My Mom Inc. Story:

I was an inflight Supervisor for a good part of 10 yrs and loved my job but even while jumping time zones. I kept my Creative side active in my spare times or off days. I found it therapeutic for my energy draining lifestyle. I think those were the building blocks for Cookiie Pie Co. Fast forward to my baby’s birth – Me and my dad enjoyed creating things at home for my daughter – fashionable headbands / baby carriers / sensory toys, fabric photo albums, etc. out of the sheer happiness of creating something personal for the her.  A lot of mothers I socialized with loved what he made for Annika and wanted the same stuff personalized for them but I was really pressed for time as I was handling my baby all on my own. So together my father and friends started off Cookiie Pie Co.

I decided to take up the onus of being a creative brain for the brand. I made prototypes and samples of products varying from headbands to weaning bibs to travel high chairs and dad then took up the processing bit of the brand. The brand is fairly new in the market being just under a year old and is still growing, adapting to the tastes of new moms all over. Cookiie Pie Co is the brain child of a mother that was taken over, developed and polished by another parent, my father, for other parents and their babies.




3. Who Inspired/ Supported Me:

Cookiie pie Co is immensely inspired by the little one in our life..my baby girl ! It was like ideas were rebooted in a whole different creative role and she is here to constantly push us to reinvent ourselves. Since I’m not a business minded person, my father has been my rock in terms of handling the brand and all the stress associated with it.


4. Advice/tips: 

Keep reinventing yourself! Stagnancy is all too easy to succumb to but improvising on your ideas will help you take longer leaps. Market your product well, research and take suggestions. A journey of a thousand miles, begins with a single step. So, start now. Gather your resources and motivations and write it all down for the days when you’re low on enthusiasm. These motivations will help you work your way back. My motivations have always been my close friends, Naaz & Kainaz who keep encouraging and talking reason into everything I do. They help prevent a burnout for me. And in all this, don’t forget to enjoy yourself coz you can only fail at work, but you cannot fail at passion.


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