Learning Toys Series: Day 1

Learning Toys Series: Day 1

It is good to start teaching your child early and moulding the technical skills before your child starts going school.

Introducing this innovative sketchpad with basic abacus and clock by Kids Innovator for your future class topper!


Make this versatile sketchpad your child’s trusted companion to learn numbers early on. Play around with colourful and bright numbers to teach skills like addition and subtraction, and most importantly familiarizing the child with the art of numbers!

You can also use the awesome abacus to teach math in a fun way!


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Not only that, you can even teach the alphabet or names of objects by using the erasable marker in the set.


Grab this toy soon from BabyChakra and start teaching your toddler!

Also stay tuned in to find out more ways to make learning enjoyable for you and your baby!


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