Learning Toys Series: Day 2
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Learning Toys Series: Day 2

Learning Toys Series: Day 2

Welcome back on our learning toys series! This week we are introducing yet another Write and Wipe Activity Mats but this time with Interactive Stories.

Narrate these 6 captivating stories to your child before bedtime or during playtime to build comprehension skills and reflective thinking.


Through remarkable illustrations and interactive activities based on each story, your child will not only be completely immersed in the story but it will also help building vocabulary, focus and attention, and communication skills.


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You can easily use the write and wipe mats to draw and doodle, understand patterns and sequencing, and easily illustrate the stories to help remember and understand better.


We are sure your child will ask for this set everytime! Grab now at BabyChakra and introduce the world of refined story-telling to your child.