Birthing Naturally: The Ideal Friend For The Mum-To-Be

Birthing Naturally: The Ideal Friend For The Mum-To-Be

Being a mum-to-be today is exciting but scary as well. You have access to a lot of information, but at the same time, too much information and choice can confuse you. It’s very easy to get overwhelmed during those nine months. What every mum-to-be wishes for during this period is a dependable companion who doesn’t judge yet tells you not to worry.


Doctors cannot answer all the tiny, nagging queries of a mum-to-be due to busy schedules. Experienced mums can give suggestions, but they may or may not resonate with every pregnancy. So who is an expecting mum’s go-to pal?


Good books! They are dependable, have the right amount of information and are handy!


All pregnant mums hope for a healthy and natural delivery. But with the rise in the number of C-sections, delivering naturally seems to be getting rarer. So what should an expecting mum do to have a healthy and uneventful pregnancy and delivery?


Here’s where Dr Mahima Bakshi’s book, Birthing Naturally, comes in. The book aims to handhold the mum-to-be through pregnancy and prepare her for natural delivery.


The book has the right advice on the ABC’s of pregnancy, what to eat, how to keep a track on the baby’s growth and even how to sleep.There is an exercise guide to keep you fit, a snacking guide which is a great reckoner for mums who always want munching options and even information on how much water to drink.


What we liked about the book is that the language is simple, the information is crisp and the trimester by trimester diet advice is very easy to follow. It even has chapters on how to make your pregnancy memorable and babymoons! But what we liked the most is that though the book encourages the pregnant woman to delivery naturally, it reminds her not to feel disheartened if she ends up having a C-section.


Pick up this book for a dependable read during pregnancy.


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