How To Talk To Baby In The Womb

How To Talk To Baby In The Womb

Pregnant women are often advised to talk to their unborn baby. But the question that perplexes most women is- 'What do I talk to my baby about?' While it is proven in a research study by PLOS one that the mother’s voice soothes and calms the unborn child and it also enhances your baby’s spatial reasoning skills, most women feel confused when asked to talk to their unborn child.

According to a study by cognitive neuroscientist Eino Partanen, your baby can remember, and respond to whatever they hear inside the womb even after they come out. Such babies have also been observed to have an early language development. Talking to your baby bump not only enhances their vocabulary and makes them smarter, but also helps you form a bond with your unborn kid. In this blog, we would help you get an idea of what to talk with a baby in the womb and help you and your family connect with your baby in fun ways.

How to Talk to Baby in the Womb

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Talking to your unborn child may not be as monotonous and one-way as it sounds. There are so many fun ways in which you and your family can talk to your baby in the womb. 

Reading Out

Bond with your tiny tenant by reading out your favourite poems, stories, or nursery rhymes. Your baby might not understand the words but it would still be there in its memory to be used at a later stage. Your baby would also remember and respond positively to simple nursery rhymes from inside the womb!

Play and Croon your Favourite Tunes

Your baby’s heart rate would lower and it will feel relaxed and loved when you sing to it. Sing some simple lullabies on a daily basis and you can observe the baby responding to it after some time. You can even understand the baby’s preferences and taste towards music by playing and singing out a variety of genres. Try involving your husband and your older kids so that the baby would also recognize them by their voice and would bond better with them after its birth.

Massage your Belly and Say Positive Things

Just touching or rubbing your belly and saying a simple “I love you” would make your baby feel loved. The baby might not understand you but can definitely feel your love. Talk simple sentences and in a calm tone to connect better with the baby. Introduce the baby's elder siblings, it's dad, and grandparents so that it can recognize them with ease.

Read out Spiritual Scriptures and Garbha Sanskar Mantras

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These short verses or shlokas are meant to educate the fetus and shape the personality of your baby. By reading these every day, you can also bring about a positive reinforcement in your unborn child and make a spiritual connection with it.

An Afterthought

Talking to your unborn baby should not be done as a compulsion or as a chore that needs to be completed every day. While you might be confused about what to talk with your baby in the womb initially, once you start doing it and understand what your baby likes, you would be able to find more and more innovative and fun ways to connect with it. Doing it together as a family ensures better bonding and a sense of togetherness and love for the unborn  child.


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