Breakfast Special

Breakfast Special

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and it is important that your baby gets the all the nutrition right from the start of the day. Check out these delicious meals that give the perfect start to the day and keep your child happy and healthy throughout.


Millet Dosa Mix: Supergrains + Spinach By Slurrp Farm



Spinach-ey green dosas to make eating healthy fun! It is made with Foxtail Millet and 4 Daals – Urad, Moong, Toor and Chana daal with natural spinach powder and a mix of mild spices – a scrumptious savoury snack for everyone! This dosa packs a serious punch – with 17gm of protein!




Millet Pancake Mix: Banana Choco-Chip & Supergrains By Slurrp Farm

Filled with the goodness of Supergains – Foxtail Millet, Amaranth, Oats and Jowar, mixed with some yummy chocolate chips and natural banana powder- a scrumptious treat for everyone! It is a powerhouse of protein, calcium and fibre that your child will go ga-ga over!




Sprouted Organic Ragi Malt Porridge 500g By Earth Baby

Finger millet (Ragi) is high in protein, calcium and iron. Sprouted organic Ragi malt porridge is low in fat and is easily digestible for the baby which is why it is the best weaning food you could introduce to the baby on completion of 6 months.




Oatmeal Mix (6 Months+) By Bebeburp

Prepared with Oats and hing which is rich in fiber and helps to soothe baby’s digestive system .You can add vegetables to enhance the taste. Ideal breakfast choice for your baby that gives sufficient nutrition early on in the day.


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