Do You Judge A Woman?

Do You Judge A Woman?


While speaking to a friend of mine who is soon going to be a mommy, I just happen to realise something that I feel we as mothers always do and it’s not a great thing to do.


To start with, our most favourite, the “who’s busier” competition. We  start this anytime a bunch of us moms get together.


Next favourite is our game with our dear husband “Which one of the two is more tired” and most of the times we win it, because we are moms at the end.


The most common statement to an expectant mother - “Oh you are tired now, let the baby come out and you will know what it feels to be tired”.


Common statement to a new mommy - “Oh are you fed up of sleepless nights and burping the baby, wait for a teething baby, or their terrible twos”.


Meeting a mommy of a teenager be prepared for a statement like “if you can’t handle the tantrums of a threenager? Wait for their teenage and you will know what tantrums are”.


I feel we just can’t judge how hard motherhood is, or most importantly we should NOT judge it.


I feel it’s difficult and beautiful at the same time in different ways for different people at different degrees on different levels.


Once, we sail through it, the super hard parts from the past seem less hard in comparison to what’s coming next. So how about instead of freaking fellow moms out, we devote a little more time to motivate one another. Because, I feel telling someone it’s just going to get harder, isn’t doing anyone any favors.


So. from now on, I will try my best to ditch such statements and talk  about the positive side of what’s coming in their way. Are you with me in this?


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