Babywearing Keeps My Child Calm

Babywearing Keeps My Child Calm

Rain gods have finally arrived in Mumbai and we are super excited for Skye’s first monsoon. Although with the onset of the rains, we also got some uninvited guests - Germs. Skye has slowed down a bit but is totally loving her new heavier voice because of the throat infection, wouldn’t stop babbling just to hear herself. Although the germs are totally unwelcome, infections like these help to build immunity and we don’t believe in rushing for meds. We prefer not to give antibiotics until absolutely necessary using only basic cold and cough syrup to help soothe her throat. We are in fact giving her lot of warm liquids like chicken soup, veggie soup, light porridge, formula milk for whenever she doesn’t feel like eating. The key is to keep the baby fed and happy.

Another great thing to try is Babywearing as that helps to calm down babies and give them comfort especially when they are not well. Babywearing (or baby carrying) is the practice of carrying your baby or toddler in a carrier and this has been practiced by Moms across the globe for centuries. This helps to keep the baby close and connected to you as you engage in daily activities. Carried babies sleep, feed, and grow better and can be practiced by anyone in the family including moms, dads, grandparents, siblings or anyone carrying for the baby.

Baby Skye was a bit cranky due to her throat infection and was agitated when left to play on her own. Her Baby carrier let her explore the house along with Daddy without exerting herself and could see us working in the kitchen, prepping her bed, doing other household chore and finally slept  peacefully while Daddy carried her around feeling ecstatic that he  got to care for her this way. 


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