Power Foods For Losing Weight - Truths And Myths

Power Foods For Losing Weight - Truths And Myths


As we scroll through our phones we see weight loss diets everywhere. Be it  magazines, social media, whatsapp forwards, we are bombarded with information.


I like most tried all the fad diets and quick fixes. The gm diet, some cabbage diet, a banana diet, juice detox. Nothing really worked.


It’s only when I realised that there is no quick fix did I start losing the  weight and how, 23kgs in 5 months. Yes, doable, hard hard hard work but doable. With some basic effort 2 – 3 kgs a month is a healthy weight loss target you can work towards.


Right now power foods and superfoods are the new craze. They refer to foods with high nutrition density. However nearly all whole foods are superfoods. Every fruit and vegetable is nutrient dense providing you with tons of vitamins and minerals.


Then there is a huge list of fat loss foods like apple cider vinegar, green tea, cinnamon, lime water etc. I have come across people who drink 4 green teas a day to lose weight. The harsh simple truth, no one food can make you lose weight. There is no magic weight loss food. Each of these things have different benefits that can ‘assist’ in weight loss. They do not cause weight loss !!!


The real power foods to weight loss are low calorie nutrient dense foods that keep you feeling full longer, allow you to eat more and provide you with adequate nutrients, vitamins and minerals,


For example a biscuit and a large banana can have similar calories. Which will keep you feeling full longer ? Which has more nutrition ? Which do you think is better for you or you child ?


The real power foods for losing weight are fruits, vegetables and proteins. A diet rich in these will allow you to eat more and stay full longer. When coupled with whole grains and good fats you have the perfect balance for a healthy lifestyle.


A healthy diet along with some basic exercise is essential to overall well being. Today we are so focussed on weight loss we don’t realise the damage we do to our systems by trying fad diets.


These are aspects that must be incorporated in everyone’s daily lifestyle. Including your kids and parents. These are the stepping stones to better health.

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