Save Time With Instant Meals

Save Time With Instant Meals

In a rush? Combining your baby’s schedule with your own busy schedule can get a little hectic  and not leave enough time to prepare meals. Don’t worry, introducing our instant meals food pack that can save you some time and also make some delicious food for you and your baby.


Instant Khichdi Mix (6 Months+) By Bebeburp


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“The quality as well as packaging is amazing. The products are made  kept in mind what kids want and the best part is it is not very expensive.” - a mom

Prepared with lentils and rice, a one-pot meal that is nutritious for baby. You can add vegetables to enhance the taste. Just stir in hot water and cook and it is ready to eat not much planning is needed.


Instant Sprouted Ragi Mix 200g (6 Months+) By Little Moppet Foods


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Little Moppet Food’s Instant Sprouted Ragi Mix is a nutritious meal for your baby and convenient for you to prepare. It’s a combination of ragi, chana dal and elaichi makes it rich in proteins, calcium, iron and fibre.It’s 100% safe for your baby since it’s homemade and has zero preservatives, artificial flavor, sugar or salt. It’s a great meal option when you’re on a holiday with your little one.



Instant Wheat Dalia Moongdal Mix 200g (6 Months+) By Little Moppet Foods


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Instant Wheat Dalia Moong Dal mix is a nutritious meal full of energy-giving carbs and muscle building proteins. It’s a smart travel meal since it just needs boiling water and a few minutes to prepare. It’s lovingly made at home under a doctor mom’s supervision. 100% natural, without preservatives, artificial flavor, salt or sugar.


Instant Foxtail Millet & Lotus Seeds Porridge Mix 200g By Early Foods


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Foxtail millet also called kangni in Hindi is gluten free and a rich source of protein and fibre. Lotus seeds are low in fat but rich in minerals and vitamins, so makes an ideal dinner meal. 


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