Delicious Meals

Delicious Meals

Running out of options for your baby’s meals? Try these products made with healthy ingredients that will aid your child's development and give them the right nutrition.


Broccoli & Carrot Khichadi By Happibo

Our traditional Indian khichdi gets a makeover with broccoli, carrots and green peas! Favourite of most kids, the khichdi now goes a little more in terms of nutrition and also helping little ones open up to broccoli. We make it without any salt so you can season it to taste. Although we do recommend to avoid salt until your child's first birthday.

Veggie Little Mac By Mimmo Organics

A brand new, amusing way to include vegetables in your child’s diet. A blend of wheat flour, beetroot, carrot and spinach that come in small cylindrical shapes of red, green and yellow natural colors - this one’s perfect for the little fingers to pick up, examine and relish. The exciting shapes of our Veggie Little Mac pasta promises fun and easy meals.

Spinach Pumpkin Soup By Happibo

Perhaps the best way of introducing spinach to your little one! We heard you moms and made the spinach palatable by adding pumpkin and black raisins to create this smooth, sweet soup. You can serve it straight out of the pot or season it to your taste. It also works well as a pasta sauce.

Baby Flower Multi-Millet Pasta By Mimmo Organics

A brand new, amusing way to include high protein, complex carbohydrates, fibre, vitamins & minerals in your child’s diet. A multi-millet mixture (Foxtail, Finger, Pearl, Sorghum) and wheat flour comes together with beetroot to make small pink flower shaped pasta – great for adding interest, taste and health to your baby’s or toddler's meal. The exciting flower shapes of our multi-millet pasta promises fun and easy meals.

Just Veggies' Carrot, Potato & Swede Smooth Baby Food By Rafferty's Garden

Carrot, potato and swede combine to provide a source of carbohydrate for energy to fuel busy little bodies. When baby is old enough to start eating solids, it's important they have foods rich in essential nutrients. That's why Rafferty's Garden cereals are fortified with essential nutrients to help with normal growth for your baby.


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