Fun Science Activity For Children On Nature

Fun Science Activity For Children On Nature

I often try to involve nature as a part of learning. Nature is the greatest teacher of all, if we keep our eyes open. Also, when you do impromptu activities with children, you feed their curiosity and teach them to look at everything around them with wonder. The activity I am sharing today, happened on a rainy day. We both were  enjoying the rain in our patio, when I spotted this beautiful yellow and green leaf. Leaves are beautiful and we know what leaves do. But to tell that to your little one is like an adventure. You start somewhere and land  somewhere



For this activity, what you need is a lead or two of your child’s choice. Explain to your child what is the function of leaf and then turn it around to show them the veins or the blood vessels (as we call it) of the leaf. Tell her just like we have blood vessels to carry food to different parts of our body, plants too have them. The veins of the plants carry water and nutrients from root to the leaves and carry the food made by leaves to various other parts of the plant. It is an easy way to explain how veins function in human body.

Try imprinting the leaf’s veins on the clay. You will be amazed to see the network of the veins. Not only that, every leaf will have a different vein pattern called venation, much like a fingerprint. Next, draw a leaf on a paper and ask your child to draw its veins looking at the clay imprints. Take the activity little further and make dot to dot patterns on the leaf and do some fun pattern writing. Encourage your child to draw her own patterns. You will be surprised by their imagination!



Lastly, to make the activity memorable make a wire leaf. All you need is a wire (we used a 20 gauge wire) and cut it into pieces of different lengths. Ask your child to look closely at the leaf observing its shape, stem and bend the wire to make her own wire leaf. This activity is great for enhancing the observation, concentration and motor skills of children. You will have to help in attaching the stem and the veins of the leaf but refrain from shaping the leaf for them. Once the wire leaf is ready, keep it as a bookmark or display it in your child’s room.



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