Teaching Children About Germs And How To Fight Them

Teaching Children About Germs And How To Fight Them

Come rains and we parents start worrying about germs and are children falling ill.  One  way to assure that children maintain proper hygiene in this season, is to teach them about germs. By imparting the right knowledge we can help our little ones fight germs and get away from falling ill.


First, we need to introduce children to what are germs. A simple explanation that they are tiny organisms that make us sick work well with kids. Next, ask them to look at their hands and tell you if they are clean. Most children will say ‘Yes’. Invite them to touch various surfaces around the house, like their cupboard, shelves, toys etc. Ask them again, if they think their hands are clean. Reinforce the concept that germs are microscopic organisms that cannot be seen by naked eye and ask them the same question again. Most, children will agree that their hands are still clean. Now, take a baby wipe and gently wipe their hands. You will notice the wipe will turn brown. Show this to the children and tell them those are the germs which were sticking on their hands. It is a simple activity which explains children that their hands, even when they appear clean, are not clean.


Repeat the process of touching the various surfaces again with children and then ask them to wash their hands with soap and water now. After they have washed their hands, do the baby wipe test again. The wipe will be clean in this case. Reinforce that washing hands gets rid of germs and so is very important before we eat anything or touch our mouth or even a minor scrape.

To add some more fun, you can play a hand wash song for them which teaches them how to wash hands nicely. Hope you’ll like this simple but important activity and will surely do it with your children.

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