Do You Believe In Evil Eye?

Do You Believe In Evil Eye?

Parenting is fulfilling and wonderful, but at the same time it is exhausting. There are times when your little one cries inconsolably. You try to find all possible reasons for the loud sobs-you check for bloating, you make her burp, you see if the baby is feeling too feeling hot or cold, but nothing seems to soothe the little one?   Then a quaint voice from another room reaches your ears-“Isko nazar lag gayi hai beta”.


This is a common scene at our place.


Well, what is this Nazar? Do you believe in it?


Nazar is nothing but an “evil eye”. If someone glares at your kiddo because primarily these bundles of joys are too sweet and your child is flustered after that-it is said that “Isko nazar lag gayi hai”.


I am not the one to believe the superstitions associated with this topic.
I searched for some scientific reasons and spoke to some people about this.
This is what I choose to believe.


Each of us has some vibrations or aura around us. Be it positive or negative. A beautiful object like a flower has a bright and cheerful energy around it. We feel joyful looking at it. And some entities drain our energy like a dingy or a dark place. Likewise, there are some people in our lives who continually radiate pessimism.


Evil eye can be possessed by anyone-anyone having wrong intentions, jealousy or even the one who has a lot of admiration-incase of babies. So, when a person stares at the child with one of the above feelings, he or she has powerful negative energy. It in turn results in loss of energy for the child. There is a disturbance in overall energy (chakras) of the child’s body and he/she becomes troubled and uneasy. What do you do about it?


Evil eye is known worldwide in all cultures and religions.
In our culture we normally put a black dot (nazar ka teeka) on child’s forehead. Also, I have seen some kids wearing black threads in hands and feet.


I personally do not do any of the ritual. If I feel my child is a little cranky apparently for no reason, I try to play positive chants and create a healthy aura around her.


Do you believe in nazar? What do you do to ward off evil eye?


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