Dental Hygiene: How To Get Your Children To Brush?
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Dental Hygiene: How To Get Your Children To Brush?

Dental Hygiene: How To Get Your Children To Brush?

Dental hygiene is part of daily hygiene routine and it is essential for little children to understand why. Though they believe us when we say that if we don’t brush our teeth, germs can breed and eat away our teeth. But I personally feel that’s not enough. If we can show them through play how brushing helps keep teeth clean, they will not only understand better but also brush better.

To do this dental hygiene activity, I took a my son’s Duplo and stuck some clay between them. The Duplo block represent the teeth and clay the food particles that get struck between our teeth. Though, the gaps in our teeth no way as big as the Duplo block, but it works with children. After setting the block tell your child how their teeth get dirty after eating food. Now, hand them a spare/used brush and ask them to brush the teeth model. As the brush, they clay will get dislodged. That’s exactly what brushing does. It dislodges food  particles which are like an open invitation to germs. No food particles mean no invitation and thus help keep out teeth clean.
If you don’t have the blocks, you can try this activity.


Material Required:

  • A4 white craft paper
  • Marker
  • Clean folder
  • Brush
  • Dry-erase marker


  • Step 1 : Draw a big tooth on the white craft paper using a marker. Make the boundary thick.
  • Step 2: Put this sheet in a clear folder. With a dry erase marker, draw spots on the teeth to represent germs and food particles.
  • Step 3: Ask your child to brush this tooth using a brush. Brush will clean the spots made by the dry-erase marker thus illustrating how brushing helps.

It is a really simple activity and requires no trip to the market for lamination.  After your child has had her fun with these activities, you can do this little poem with her. Hope you will enjoy doing this activity.


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