Losing Weight The 'Right' Way

Losing Weight The 'Right' Way

I am asked this question a lot along with whether you can eat bananas, mangoes, grapes etc ?


I believe in maintaining a sustainable lifestyle. Something that  works for you. That is part of your routine and habits. So no fad diets, no fat burners no juice diets. Only what you can do every day.


Lets see what’s possible :


1. Small Changes

Avoid fried, oily, processed and packed food. Limit maida and sugar consumption.


2. Simple Swaps

In every meal, try and see how you can make it slightly healthier. Drinking tea with  biscuit. However about replace sugar with jaggery and a portion of makhana. Maybe brown rice for white rice. Black coffee for coffee. Keep it simple. Don’t complicate it by trying fancy things.


3. Fruits

Fruits are great for you. They are a powerhouse of nutrients. Each fruit is a superfood in its own right. Some have more natural fa and sugar than others however this is good fat and sugars. So don’t shy away from them. Get in 2 to 3 servings of fruit a day. Oh and the big question … banana is good for you. One big banana is a 100 cals that’s the same as a biscuit !!! Which do you think is better for you. Next time you have a sweet craving… grab the banana or mango or chikoo.


4. Veggies

Brilliant brilliant for you!!! Remember to eat all the colours. Eat tons of leafy greens. Try not to overcook them and destroy them. Aim for at least 3 to 4 servings a day.


Let me know if you found this useful

If you did this diligently where do you think you’d be a month from now?


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